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I will be opening an audiology private practice and I am looking for a logo which I can use on a webpage, stationary, business cards, signs, etc... Must be readable/easy to see for the aging eyes. The name of the practice is Hearing Improvement Center of Monroe We are looking for something sophisticated-people will be spending a lot of money here. Think wine labels. They are usually beautiful. One design concept that we may want is to incorporate a simple bird in the logo, maybe with a small sound wave or something near its beak. Another idea we had was to have the name of the practice forming a table top. Two people would be sitting across from each other at the table, drinking some wine or such with one of them speaking. In other words, the picture for the logo does not have to be an ear or a snail shape! Also, please keep in mind the Golden Ratio. It is supposed to be very pleasing to the eye.

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  • Cute idea! But I think it would be difficult for elderly to read
    • Thanks maybe there is a way to rework it :) I will see what I can do to either improve or expand rework ect

    • Hi :) #25 I submitted a new design similar concept. So much easier to read. The logo can be printed in any color. The initial step is to like it in black, grey, & white. If it doesn't look good monotone, color will not improve it. Also, black, or grey & white is much cost effective than a multitude of colors. 4 color printing is so expensive.

    • #26 Take a look at the logo redesigned. Same concept but bolder and stronger. Maybe the Elderly could see this.

    • #26 Can you take a look at this one? Thank you :)

  • Hi CH, Any Feedbacks about Entry #2? and also do you have any slogan for your company so i can replace the word "Private practice" into your slogan. Thanks in advance.
    • Sorry, it's Hearing Improvement Center of Monroe

    • I like it! I'm not sure about the font, it might be difficult for older eyes to read

    • Hi CH, Thank you for the compliments and the ratings. i remain the font but i changed the color. Any feedbacks #33?

  • Can you replace the word audiology with the practice name?
    • you dont want the word "audiology" at all?? to bad its a verry good name :)

  • Same, can you replace the word audiology with the practice name?
  • Not sure what I don't like about. Sorry I can't be more specific...maybe a little too boring
  • Too dark I think. I've heard that elderly do not like reading white lettering on a black background
  • Not crazy about the orange and green. Also, the shape around the top one as well as the font makes it look a little goofy. Can we tweak it a little to make it a little more sophisticated? I like the general idea of it.
  • Can you fill this in with Hearing Improvement Center of Monroe and maybe add a little color?
  • I like this. Can you fill it in with Hearing Improvement Center of Monroe?
  • Same
  • I like this. Can you fill it on with Hearing Improvement Center of Monroe?
  • Hi :) #13 can also just be black type on a white background or reverse as shown. That way you can print in any colors you wish as it is a simple one color type/illustrative design.
  • Hi CH, Any Feedbacks about Entry #6 .thanks regards hpvision
  • Hi CH, would love any Feedback for Entry #5. Thank you
    • I like this one too...a bit busy though. Maybe without the sound waves, or with the sound waves but without the ear....

    • thank you for the feedback! I will do the changes asap with the company name :)

  • Too difficult to read. My target population is baby-boomers and elderly and they would find this too hard on the eyes
  • I like this, bit I'm trying to stay away from the nautilus...too overused in this field. Thanks
  • I like this one, but I'm trying to stay away from the nautilus shell, it's a little overdone in this field
  • Hi, It's hard to make a good logo for a company. And it's even harder when the name is shrouded in mystery...
    • Sorry, it's Hearing Improvement Center of Monroe

  • That circle is too hard on the eyes- will evoke thoughts of vertigo
  • Now that I look at these, it looks like I'm slicing through someone ear. Not crazy about this picture anymore