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Winning design #177 by sinesium, Logo Design for Logo for HR / Employment Law Webinar Start Up Company Contest
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designed by sinesium

Project description

Logo for website and business card. HR Speaks (without the LLC). The website is white and google blue. The buttons and bars will be shiny, primary colors. The logo must be clean and descriptive of webinars, education and/or communication. Nothing too "legal" -- think modern HR department, mostly female. Striving, competent and ambitious. I like line drawings but no obvious clip art will be selected, and no drawings of microphones or computers, please. Having said that, I like the following logo: http://www.governanceinstitute.com/Portals/0/Images/Webinar-button.gif This is part of a two part project. The second contest will be for an illustration for the speaker series "Blueprint for the Defense," so keep that in mind when designing the logo.

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  • Hey, All- can we try some of the other colors? AND LET'S TRY SOME NON-button. I need to see some different ideas. For instance, I like this: https://www.nibm.net/os/conferences/register.aspx?campaigncode=378EHL&cigx=d.nac,stid.6160,sid.154740,lid.138,mid.3469
  • Yeah, what a flub that was! It was the RSS feed icon - good heavens - back to the drawing board!
  • Hi CH, Attached is a modern execution of the a logo concerning the HR field. It is primarily a logo type encompassed by a circle. However a sound icon represents the speak part of the logo. I maintained a dual colour execution to give it a more corporate feel. Thanks. Azry
  • Kathy: I like the button concept. I like the color. I did not mean to hit "wrong direction" I meant to hit revision. If you'd like to re-work this concept, I'd like to see it.
  • Kathy: Use of the RSS feed icon sends the wrong signal. This is a series of live presentations, not a subscription blog.
  • Dear Mewesq, I started a design and as you can see using one of the colors you have listed in your brief, but which of those do you prefer? I can't imagine using them all. Also, I am using a button type in the center similar to the gif you noted. k:
  • I'm sorry, it's my habit :) I won't do it again :) Cheers Vicky :)
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-hr-employment-law-webinar-start-up-company/entry/8/report
  • #21, quite a bit bolder. I'll play around with it some more and try some other ideas too.
  • I was wrong. Blue is better for this one. Try a fatter typeface.
  • Really like the typeface
  • Add webinars to the base
  • Like this. Lose the globe. Put speaks where webinar is now and put webinars as the base
  • Like this much better. Lose the people and put the "speaks" inside the talk bubble. Let me see it in red
  • #14 is #2 in red. Are there any other colors you'd like to see or variations? Maybe a green or a change in where the wording is placed?
  • Try horizontal as opposed to square. Think banner on website.
  • My fave so far. Try a color other than blue. I misled folks in description. The site is white with blue nav and accent. Try a contrasting color. Play with the font a bit.
  • Try again please.
  • Try some variation in color and script volume
  • I like the simplicity. Can you give me some variations? Perhaps a different script or color? The site is blue and white, so I need some contrast. Think primary colors.