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Winning design #140 by CHAOsS, Logo Design for Logo for mexican News Web Site   -   ELOFICIAL.MX Contest
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designed by CHAOsS

Project description

We need a LOGO for a mexican News web site, we are an innovative, fresh and ironic news platform, our first target its for the political class and people interested in political news. Please when you send your proposals dont use the mexican flag or anything involved with mexican cliches.  Can be a combination of name and pictorial mark.

The site name is:   www.eloficial.mx

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  • Hi there pikisone

    I wanted to let you know that your contest has now been expired for 40 days Our policy is , after 30 days of no action from or activity form you, the contest is considered abandoned. We have now gone past the 30 days.

    You can either extend your contest to bring in more designers or choose a winner in your contest. If you choose a winner you will have 7 more days to work with the winning designer on any changes you may need or want.

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  • The newspaper amblem on the top of design consist of hidden "E" and rotated "L" letters. Therefore there is occur a design humor.
    Flat colours and thick lines used in this design because the "news" is serious fact. In addition to this, even if you use the logo very small, it protects its entirety and design humor. #385
  • About #374, @limonchy Please let me know if you've any suggestion, Thanks !
  • Soy
    Here is a first proposal for your logo. I am at your disposal for your comments and suggestions. Good luck with your project.
    Best Regards #373
  • feedback would be appreciated #372
  • #242 Please let me know your feedback.
  • another variation #333
  • A simple and clean design #329
  • another variation #327
  • ffes #326
  • flags for official #324
  • Dear Client,
    I have start working in your contest and this is my very first entry for you to review it, Please let me know your feedback on it #320
  • @pikisone

    Here you go, my second concept. Feedback and rating would be great!

    Thanks. #313
  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Your feedback would be appreciated. #304
  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Your feedback would be appreciated. #303
  • Please let me know if you would like to see something different on this design. Your feedback would be appreciated. #302
  • Simple yet easy to recognize icon. Hope you like it. Thanks #280
  • The exclamation marks are symbolic of not only news media and of exciting conversation, but also of the multi-party political structure which is used in many nations around the world; in this case Mexico. One of the marks goes up, the other down, one cyan the other purple, but both are the same shape and their differning colors - which surely appear nothing alike when viewed separately- actually do pair well together; this is how the so-called democratic parties are in the United States and in other multi-party systems around the world. All the parties - which appear different and seemed to face in opposite directions to the common folk - are in the end funded by the same corporations [many companies here in the US, like Goldman Sachs, give to both major parties] and beholden to the same demands of their national industrial complexes, thus giving them their same shapes. The different yet complementary color schemes symbolize how both of the two different political parties fulfill the demands of their industrial base but do so by taking different routes and through different channels. One may use the parliamentary system to pass Agenda 1, the other may do so through the courts system; but in the end both of the different colored same shaped parties pass Agenda 1.

    This design is simple, attention grabbing, and speaks to what your company does. It works well in a variety of color schemes, so if you are not liking this one please let me know. It works great on both white, black and grey backgrounds, and with and without gradient. #270
  • trying combination of 'E' and 'L' producing 'e' shape. #266
  • Hi, Check my new design #264