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Winning design #61 by ross, Logo Design for Logo for new business
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designed by ross

Project description

I am looking for a captivating image to accompany our trademarked business name, Moto-Skiveez. Moto-Skiveez is a revolutionary undergarment used while riding motorcycles. There are three distinctive designs representing three different riding styles, road racing, adventure/motocross riding and cruising/tour riding. I am hoping for a logo that represents the three distinct motorcycle types. Perhaps something that might be a tire tread? Use your creativity.

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  • Not sure how to respond directly to an individual. InspireIT, great designs but a little too busy for my taste. I want something that is very simple and clean. You did a great job incorporating the tire designs.
  • Howdy shawn1, Dear Contest holder, I have submitted #1 and #2. The ideas behind these are from your brief to include the 3 elements of your product. Loud and proud simple images and double meanings in my word play. simply: race tyre, font aspect: race line on tarmac within font/typography tour tyre, font aspect: comfy suspension ring on font/typography dirt tyre, font aspect: being a dirt enthusiast this is my fave, a little dirt spread around not overpowering or mastering the logo as a complete entity, making it serious yet fun and complimenting the other 2 elements. safe feeling, simple racing colors and design, to the point old school, as any racing brand should be. Thankyou and kind regards.
  • Can you upload a picture of the garment so I can get a idea of what the garment looks like and it might help me come up with a better idea for you in the long run. Thanks, Squewheet
  • I really like your design! I have made a few modifications to my submission. Added colors and tried to include an existing example of a design that we are currently using. Can you take your three tire treads and manipulate the design to more closely resemble an "M"? Also I really like the left tread pattern. Could you change the center pattern to appear almost completely smooth and the right tread to be more of a knobbie design?
  • Axel I really like your first submission. Not what I originally had in mind, but very appealing. Could you possibly try using a little less "sharp" font? Not sure how else to describe what I am hoping for. What I like about yours is the simple visual appeal. I also like the red "M" at the beginning incorporated into the spelling. If you could just alter slightly so that the edges are not so sharp. I would like to see that. Thanks for taking time to submit!!
  • I really like the emblem submitted by Fray in #20. If you could recreate this design to be a solid black cirle and then three equal sized colored lines that narrow, but not to a sharp point, this, to me, would appear as three roads stretching toward the horizon. And if you could do this using the font submitted in my "brief" example with Moto-Skiveez on one line I think that would be perfect!! Let's see what ya got?
  • So too all designers, if you go to the brief you can find a link to some designs that I had created prior to this contest. It is at the bottom of the page under Example files. This will give you a good idea of what I am hoping to achieve. I really want a small logo placed before the word Moto-Skiveez. I hope this helps. Ideally it would represent three different types of motorcycling, dirt bikes, race bikes and touring/cruiser bikes. Thanks and good luck.
  • Hey Shawn1... Thanks for your positive feedback for my design no #20 And as your request, I have revised the draft on #37 and #38 If there is any change you need, just please let me know... Thanks. Regards Frey
  • I really Like the idea of the three helmets. I have a meeting Saturday night with other members of my tesm to solicit their opinion. But I feel this is definitely in the running. However the dirt bike helmet is represented in a blue color with our project, red is for the race helmet and burnt orange, think Harley Davidson orange, would be the cruiser helmet. Very good representation of the different riding styles with your images.
  • Dear Ch, Just posted #31. It's a variant to the tire treads. helmets representing the 3 types you discribed in the brief. You can check also #32 and #33. any change, just say.
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  • Really like the concept in #44. Perfect representaion of the three riding styles. Also really like the clean design in #45. However #45 very closely resembles a reversal of the "Direct TV" logo. I am wondering Frey, if you can modify the #45 design so that the colors start at the bottom of the square as opposed to the bottom right corner. But still have them appear to curve and fade into the distance? Also could you try to border the colors with a black separating line? I am just curious to see what effect a black border on each color might have. Great submissions!!!
  • Dear shawn1 As your company is dealing with undergarment, I tried to emphasize it with a bodies of motorcyclists in logo #44. I designed three distinctive silhouettes and at the same time tried to stay simple and clean. The main aim was that the logo should express precisely the products you are offering. Best regards notsu100
  • Hi Shawn1. I've already made the color change but unfortunatly I can't upload any more designs so you can see the changes. But looking to #31 you can see clearly how the logo will look with your colors on the helmet's.
  • Hi Shawn1... I was sorry for getting late for making the revision. Here I submitted my revision no #52 #53. If there are any change you need, please let me know. Hope you like. Thanks Regards Frey
  • Frey please see my previous comment below about modifying your #45 submisson. We all very much like this design just hope to modify it slightly. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you.
  • Dear shawn1 I modified my first #44 version. #66 and #67 are with three stripes. Best regards notsu100
  • Hi Shawn, sorry for the delay, here is the revise #65 on #61, i put a white on every color. so that when you need it on black and white it will show the spaces. i hope i did it right. thank you Shawn.
  • Almost exactly what I was thinking! Could you try to show it with three stripes arching like the blue? Instead of the blue strip between and red and orange fill color.
  • Hi shawn, i know that you really like the entry of frey #52, just trying my luck ^_^ thank you shawn.. hope you like it.. #61