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Winning design #177 by zerin74, Logo Design for LOGO For New Mining Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zerin74

Project description

We are looking for someone to design a logo that is fresh, clean and modern.
-It has to look professional and clean.
-Must be original work, no copying!!!
-ONLY 2D and no shadows please.
- NO pick axes, or minig train / carts etc. and no ANIMALS in the logo please.
- I like logos that are abstract

The logo will have to be on a white background and of a corporate nature.

Other logos we have designed in the past and that we LIKE a lot include the following:

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  • needs work, not well balanced
  • nice but I want an emblem
  • Dont like the R in the circle,
  • I feel I have created an intriguing logo based on my submission #7, in this instance the tiny truck has the illusion of being massive as it traverses the comparatively massive capital 'A'. Thank you.
  • Hello CH, This design shows a motif which is a stylised rendering of cutting gear used in heavy industry. What should be expected to be an 'aggressive' shape, has, with the soft colouring taken on a charming 'floral' quality. I have balanced the 'heaviness' of the motif with a slender and up to date font. Thank you.
  • Hello Competition Holder, This is my initial proposal. I hope I am right in thinking that the commonality amongst all the material mined, is that, apart from the 'open cast' situation, everything is subterranean. That being the case my typographical design illustrates the skies above, and the earth below. The sharp points in the 'A' and 'P' are evokative of the cutting gear used in mining operations. I have omitted a motif in this instance, as the endorsing words describe the nature of you business. Thank you for your time.
  • Dear CH, Kindly review my logo... --Kishore.
  • yes it is. BTW I really liked your design but my client made picked the winning logo for lancaster
  • is that u lancester ???
  • #84 Changed the font.
  • Hi. I updated the font in #38 as you asked.
  • The icon is abstract as you requested but still give you a hint of "tunnels" and "rotation". The latter is related to the big cutting drums used in the mining industry. Best regards,
  • This is a variation of my previous entries using a different font and colors. Please let me know if you have any edits. Thank you!
  • Dear contest holder, This is my first entry and it would be great if I receive any feedback from you. Best regards,
  • Good day CH. Posting revisions of entry #70. Entries #76 and #77, color variants with alternative font types. Thanx for the opportunity to present.
  • My concept #71, #72, #73, #74, #75 I try to make it simple, modern and abtract sytle. Each design is a union. Because between symbol and text have relation about shape and line. For #71, I do with typo to make text become symbol. What do you think about those? I hope you like. Thanks
  • Dear CH, What elements are working/not working for you? Thanks
  • more colour
  • nice and simple, like it. I would like to see something more like #44 with the text though
  • like it but somthing is missing or I dont really like the 2 peaks and the 2 tone colours in the text