Logo for optometry business. No stylized eyes or Glasses please unless they are a very minor part of the design!


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Winning design #109 by Asibi, Logo Design for Logo for optometry business.  No stylized eyes or Glasses please unless they are a very minor part of the design! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asibi

Project description

I would like a logo that is in either blue and white or brown/orange and white. black and gray may also be used in the design.
- 3 color max. Black and white version should be available for printing.
- Logo should be clean and easy to scale down to business cards and up to signage above the building.
- The logo will be used against dark and light backgrounds so it may need a dark and light version
- Fonts should not be too expensive if they are proprietary.

I would like the business name to be shown but be able to be changed separately from the logo design as we may alter the name in the next 5 years when my partner retires and would like to keep continuity with the logo look if the name changes.
I would like to stay away from stylized glasses or eyes in the logo unless they are a very small part of the design as that look has been done by too many eye care businesses already.

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  • Here is the corrected blue version. For the design I took inspiration from the lenses on a Phoropter.
  • Thanks when you have time I'd like to see the blue one too
  • Here is the logo with corrected spelling. Hope you like it.
  • That's an interesting design. Please upload the revised edition. Thank you Katshe12
  • I have corrected the spelling mistakes in a different version. I have not uploaded it though. Let me know if you like the concept and color scheme.
  • I like the font, not a fan of the sphere part
  • Re:Design #11. The reason i went this way is so the lettering in your name did not become to small. There are many characters to fit on one line without it becoming very long. It is the same concept as #12. I feel this person took my concept and put a pupil rather than the w. I actually started out doing this with a pupil and changed it to compensate the long line of characters. At any rate i will do whatever it is you require. Just keep line length in mind for printing purposes. I will send a optional design.
  • Hi Misha. I think the circular design between the G and W makes it look too much like GOW maybe it could be rearranged a little
  • Interesting I think blue might look better in this design.
  • I'd like to avoid working the company initials into the design but I do like the look
  • Blue seems to work just a bit better in this design
  • I like the simplicity
  • just clearing out wrong spelling
  • Mischa I like the design of this and #15 but having the circular logo in between the G and W doesn't work well for me.
  • This is too similar to the logo of a local bank in town
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-optometry-business.-no-stylized-eyes-or-glasses-please-unless-they-are-a-very-minor-part-of-the-design/entry/15/report
  • Re: #17, Funny you say that because i was thinking it the whole time i was putting it together. At least it points out the process i went through. I guess if you want an image to represent your business then using GW in a creative way may be a good option.
  • too much eyeball on this one I think
  • I uploaded one final design. I can not do any other images without a request from your end. Available for any adjustments that you may request.
  • about #42 i tried a new combination looks more sober and professional and has scope for changes in future .... suggest color modifications.