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Winning design #55 by rzaq07, Logo Design for Logo for Patient Transport Software Contest
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designed by rzaq07

Project description

Neptune is the name of a web application we sell to hospitals. The current logo is tired and needs a professional look. The application allows hospital staff to book patient transport in what we call "non-emergency patient transport (NEPT)". The logo therefore needs to be (i) simple/clean, (ii) modern web2.0 colours, like light blue/grey/green. Will be set against a white background (white web page). There is no need to include our company name, just include the Neptune word plus some sort of icon or symbol (upper case or lower case doesn't matter). Possible ideas include an ambulance, stretcher, patient.

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  • i hope you like my design...
  • I make a design as simple, hope you like my design...
  • Dear Contest Holder, in #30 I focused on the rush and speed which has connection with patient transport. I think this logo is very impressive. I hope you like it, and i can make some changes if you want.;) Greetings.
  • Im sorry, but i didnt see information about Trident...:/
  • sorry I did not se the note about the red cross. will update as soon as I find out how to :/
  • Hello Designers, a quick note. Stay away from a red cross (+) symbol. The Red Cross charity organisation are very tough on people using their trademark.
  • your design is way to close to another designers design
  • #10 and 13. the graphic device represents a cross for the medical aspect, of course. also a wheel in motion / a helping hand.
  • hello :) need feedback for #5 please . hope you'll like it or we'll make it more better if you want :) _______________________________________________________________________________________ blue means trust , loyalty and peace . red cross reverse to medic , hospital , etc simple and modern font shows fresh and clean logo :D best regards :)
  • OOOPSSS... okay then... will come up with another concept then...
  • Hello Desginers, forgot to mention in the brief that I do NOT want to see any King Neptune Trident forks or similar. I want to distance the word from any suggestion of water, seas, etc.
  • it's a trident stethoscope :) the kind that neptune himself might carry.
  • Simple & Modern.
  • Dear CH. This is my design. I create shape of an ambulance and made it simple. hope you like it. :)
  • Dear CH Look at my new propositions. #50 and #49 are simple and modern. I used shape of ambulance, and the most important element for me- light on the roof. I hope you like it. :)
  • Thank you for rating my entry The system have a limit to design submissions and I have used up the allowed limit of 3 images per contest If you want to see a revision for this design I will have additional upload credits if the contest holder will check the option "I'd like to see a revision" for one of several of your designs
  • #41 need feedback sphere imagery with blue color represent life (sphere) and trust (blue) . hope you'll like it :)
  • Hi CH, this is my 1st design for the logo. The ambulance represents the transport part for your company, and the hands behind the ambulance represent trust and taking care of patients. Hope you like it. Thanks MK