Logo for police light online-shop relaunch

designcontest was a great experience for us. we got the perfect logo for our new online-shop. working with the designers was really professional. 190 designs to choose from for 400 bucks - try that with your professional graphics designer. they will laugh and turn to the next customer. here we got exactly what we needed. thank you so much from Germany.

$400 paid

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Winning design #185 by ektos, Logo Design for Logo for police light online-shop relaunch Contest
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designed by ektos

Project description

THANK YOU TO ALL CONTESTANTS! I have put a comment explaining our choice in the comments section. We would like to thank everybody for participating. Take care! (last update of brief: June 13, 2012) **************************************************************************** IMPORTANT NOTE: Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far! We are over-whelmed with the amount of entries. We will write comments for all logos that we would like to work on. If your design doesn't get commented or receives a 1/100 rating, please try something new! Be sure to scroll down to read THE REVISED BRIEF and ALL UPDATES. Thanks again for all your submissions! **************************************************************************** www.RKL.de is in the business of selling warning lights for emergency vehicles. Have a look at our old website to see the old logo in the upper right corner. Customers know the old logo for over ten years now and it is time for a careful redesign. We want to use a high-gloss logo with colours for all online activities and brochures. A black and white version of the logo will be used for printed daily stuff like invoices, letters etc. We started this contest mainly to dust off the old logo. We need a more modern approach, something glossy and 3-dimensional. (If, however, you design a new logo and we're absolutely thrilled we will go for it). - The logo should use some amber and/or blue which are the common colours for warning lights in Germany. - The design should reflect the branch of business I am in. - Warning lights are generally serious. These lights are high-tech and modern. The logo should nod to the future with electronics and technology in mind. Fonts should be serious and have weight. Name: RKL Signaltechnik If you have any questions, please ask. ****************************************************************************** UPDATE 1: The lights we are selling are made of plexi/acrylic glass and often use hightly polished chrome reflectors inside. Imagine the scenery of an accident: Amber and blue lights flashing really bright. Modern LED lights have a really intense light, emitted from a small source, eyeblindingly bright. Try to make the logo sparkle. Add gloss, brightness, excitement. Then switch to greyscale and see if you still like it. If so, we will probably love it. ----- UPDATE 2: Try a redesign of the old logo. Try to freshen up the old logo by changing the font, playing with the "light", making it more exciting. Do with it whatever you like, there is a good chance we love it, too. I have uploaded the old logo for you. ----- UPDATE 3: We are currently asking around, showing people all of the logos. This is just to tell you that we're not sleeping or lazy :-) More comments coming on Monday. THE CONTEST IS STILL OPEN. Please continue submitting your designs. Nobody tried a TOUCH-UP or REDESIGN of the old logo, yet. Please consider this, too! Thanks for all your great work! ----- UPDATE 4: As mentioned in the comments section we got great feedback from the test persons. Logos showing a 1/100 rating didn't get a vote, logos showing a 50/100 rating got one or more votes. PLEASE NOTE that these are NOT the final ratings. We will rate logos individually on the last day. Two design concepts were most liked by our test persons BUT THE CONTEST IS STILL ON! Send in your exciting logos. Thank you to everybody for your hard and good work!

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  • Could be the end of a police lightbar but looks too basic to me. "half letters" are hard to read. Sorry. Thank you for your submission!
  • Too "button"-style, not really unique, could be for any three-letter-business. Don't like the RKL-font. Sorry. Thanks for your submission.
  • "Stop signs" are not really our business. Sorry. Thank you for your submission!
  • Too "button", too simple, font not my style. Sorry. Thanks for your submission!
  • I really like the simplicity of the logo but unfortunately cannot use this style. Too close to www.rtl.de - one of the biggest television networks. Sorry, but no. Thanks for your submission!
  • Two boxes with three letters, font very hard to read. Sorry, not my style. Thank you for your submission.
  • This reminds me of clipart, RKL font not my style. Sorry. Thank you for your submission.
  • "half" letters are hard to read. Compared to the "half" letters the "L" looks bigger in width. Spelling mistake (SignaltechNIk). Not my style, but thank you very much for your submission!
  • Love this one, a friend of mine likes it, too. Very clear and compact, yet smybolically shows the end of a lightbar. Is there a chance to make it a little more 3D, glossy, bright, flashing? Know what I mean? Thanks for your submission!
  • The font should be sans-serif to make the logo look more modern, I think. Love the split highlighted "Signaltechnik" part. Style is good and compact. Maybe you can try to work on the font. Thanks for your submission!
  • I was very excited when I saw this logo. Very compact and clear, has this "extra" touch because it is split where the "K" is. Unfortunately the letter "K" can't be read well and customers could misinterpret this as "R less than L" or something alike. Do you see any chance to change this? Really good work! Thank you for your submission!
  • Very clear and compact logo. I would love to see a connection to the products we sell and for the online version the logo should be with colour and be more glossy, translucent, shiny. Can you think of something in that direction? Thanks for the submission!
  • Love the idea of batons, unfortunately German police doesn't use them. They use something called "anhaltekelle". Please use google to see a picture of that item. Using a "anhaltekelle" symbol might be a great idea. Can you give it a try? I like the font you used and I love how clear and compact the logo is. Good work! Thanks for your submission!
  • This reminded me of a US school bus. I love the idea of using a lightbar as a symbol for the products we sell but todays lightbars are really thin and angular due to the used of LEDs. Maybe you have an idea how to give it a more modern look? Thanks for your submission!
  • This logo is probably too wide for use on a letter head (or will be too small if resized). I think we will need a more compact logo, especially I want to put it on a sticker that attaches to the light. Thank you for your submission!
  • I like the colours but I think the round shape doesn't work for me. Somehow reminded me more of a pocket watch at first. I do like the idea of a rould logo for old style revolving lights but todays warning lights are flat, thin (due to the use of LEDs) somewhat angular and modern looking. Thanks for your submission!
  • Great idea but unfortunately not suitable for my business. I want my customers to get the right letter combination instantly. Thank you for your submission!
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer's. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-police-light-online-shop-relaunch/entry/1
  • Liked the blue version better. Still: Please no "half letters", more serious approach.
  • "Half letters" are hard to read. Colourful but not suited for a serious business. I like the modern touch in it but would want a more serious approach. Thank you for your submission!