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Winning design #36 by morabira , Logo Design for Logo for Shopping Site - Price Lolly Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morabira

Project description

Looking for logo design that incorporates either or both of the name puns. Price Lolly as in 'ice lolly' and 'lolly' as in slang for money. The current logo uses a basic ice lolly however is fairly crude. The style should be modern but suitable for a general audience as the site will be aimed at the average shopper. The current homepage design is under construction but the general styling will remain similar.

We are open to any design that suits the site really - the main guideline is the use of the colours should match (or compliment) the site colour scheme - the crimson/cerise used is #d01f3c.

Web Fonts used:

Current Logo (not necessary to retain this font) - Days

Headers - DejaVu Sans Condensed

Navbar - Bebas

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  • That concept is already in use by designer Morabira. Please be original and respect others work. Thank you
  • thanks.
  • You can not use another designers concept and/or ideas please rerad through our rules and guidelines http://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List
  • Hi, thanks for feedback. I made the changes you wonted to see. Feel free to feedback me any time. I am ready to make more changes if needed. Best regards!
  • Interesting idea with the tag/lolly. 1) I think the lolly is too big for the overall design. A smaller lolly without the white stroke. 2) Could you do it without the 'price' in bold. I like the font in normal but not bold. Thanks!
  • Name is price lolly. Not keen on the design but thanks for entering.
  • Could you do this letter case but in the font in #36 and shadowed as in #36? Just so I can direct compare the 2 designs in lowercase and title case. Thanks
  • Hi, I like the idea with the lolly. However the design is a bit too busy in terms of shading and borders. I'm after a simpler look with more solid colours and subtle shading. Thanks!
  • Hi thanks for your designs. They are a bit too detailed for my requirements. I'm after a simpler, bolder look. Less shading and a simpler lolly design.
  • The text is good (.co.uk not .com) but the lolly is a bit too clipart-like. A revision with a new lolly design would be great. Thanks
  • Interesting but the orange is wrong for the site. I'm hoping to stick to the crimson/cerise, white and shades of grey.
  • I like it. Will let the comp run and see what else comes in, but this is up there.
  • I like it. Will let the comp run and see what else comes in, but this is up there.
  • I like it.
  • Our current rules state we can only submit one design per entry. Please read through our knowledgebase http://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/45/6/designer-guidelines and while you are reading through this article please take the time to read through the other articles concerning our rules and guidelines http://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List No infraction will be given this time. You can find the knowledgebase at anytime by looking up top of any page in the header section, click on "HELP" choose knowledgebase. Everyone needs to read this before entering our contest. Thank you.
  • Hi it's very near - 1) The pink used needs to be #d01f3c 2) The background on the site is dark grey, not black (say #212121) so there is no need for the light grey stroke around the letters. I think it would stand out better without this on the correct background. It could then be used on a white background also. Thanks!
  • I like this general design but I find this hard to read with the lolly - i prefer the lolly or tag separate as in #9. Could you do a revision with this colour scheme with the lolly moved to the right of the text and larger. Thanks
  • I really like your designs but want to combine them if possible. 1) I prefer the tag/lolly on the right as in #14. 2) This font is better but I'm not keen on the mouth. 3) Could we try a bit of a shadow (as in the designcontest.com logo) to make it stand out a bit more. 4) Once the above are done I think the design will be good - but a few font alternatives to choose from would be useful. Overall, the tag/lolly part is spot on, I just have some indecision regarding the font. Thanks!
  • black and white backround this time...feedback plz
  • To mdsmedia: Thanks for the feedback. I've removed the shading and changed the font. In #20 I rotated the lolly and added some muted shading to the type.