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Winning design #151 by RoyGBiv, Logo Design for Logo for Small (Solo) Law Firm Contest
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designed by RoyGBiv

Project description

Need a logo designed for a small law practice focusing on finance and business transactions. I need to use a color or color combinations that communicates "responsible, solid, and innovative counsel. " Perhaps green, or blue? I like bright colors, but need to be conservative in their use, given my industry. I have attached a file with examples of logos that I like. Logos that appeal to me typically are made up of different values of one hue, or a hue and a neutral. Name of Firm: J. A. Youngs, PLLC - tagline: Strategic Legal and Business Counsel

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  • Hello Julia , could you provide the name of your law firm and what colours do you prefer ? Thanks
    • Hi there! I have amended my brief with the information that you requested. Interestingly, I added it yesterday when I posted the contest, but it didn't "take." I did it on my iphone - so probably user error of some sort. :-)

  • Hi,CH. Can you set this contest blind? ----------------------------------
  • I like the use of a color and a neutral, and the design is pretty. I think I want the logo to look a little more "solid" (whatever that means :-) ) and I need to see how it will work next to the name of the firm. (which you didn't have when you did this one - sorry about that!).
  • I am not a fan of reverse-type design.
  • The post #51. The icon contains more obvious shapes that resemble of JAY.
  • Hi Julia I entered the contest with two proposals. #49 and #50. Feedback is welcome. Thanks Andrei
  • I have submitted design #46 & #47, can you please give me a small feedback, thank you. Remi
  • i have submitted design #42, please review and give some feedback, thankyou.
  • Creative working of the initials. Since I live in Washington State (the Evergreen State, home of Mt. Rainier) it almost seems to pull in geographic references, probably unintentionally. :-) I think that the initial box might be a bit too busy, tho...
  • This is an interesting design...the design in the back feels too "hazy" ...I would like it to feel more "solid."
  • I like the solid feel to the design, but the general layout is commonly used among my colleagues.
  • I don't think that I am fond of the letter blocks for this application.
  • These kind of look like odometer dials...kinda cool, but I don't think that I am fond of the letter blocks for this application.
  • Hmmm...intriguing. I don't care for the very vertical focal line, but the graphic kind of looks like a searchlight. I wonder if the same idea can be put into a left-hand focal point, in with stronger color?
  • I like the simplicity of this one...
  • Like both of the colors, but not together. Also, the logo looks like it should mean something, but I am not sure what.
  • Not a fan of reverse type, but general idea is interesting.
  • Your idea is interesting - I would be interested to see something with the focal point on the left.
  • not fond of this font either....the combination of shapes and fonts looks a bit distracting.
  • Font is too contemporary for my target market. :-)