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This was my best contest yet. Thanks to everyone who submit designs, its was a close finish. Thanks for the great logo


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Winning design #212 by HEdesign, Logo Design for Logo for Software Company - J3 Software Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HEdesign

Project description

Create a logo for the company name "J3 Software". 2 colors, I like blue, you can pick the other but not green. It must be clean, sharp and pleasant on the eye. Do not use any icons of mobile devices or anything that will lock the logo and company in to doing just mobile software. I do allot of things with my company and I want it to become very flexible ( thus the name change) so the logo should help accomplish this as well. I am open to anything but i want something that really shines that looks good with 2 colors in it. but also looks good in black and white. I want something that will grab eyes that works well on web, and print.

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  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #14 has a very 3D and modern look. I wanted to give your company a cutting edge logo through the use of unique design techniques. The color scheme is simple, and includes one of the hues of blue that you requested in your brief. The font is modern and has a sleek style, which enhances the technological aspects of your company. Please feel free to request any alterations. Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • About #12 Dear CH, Please check my first entry, all your comments & suggestions are highly appreciated. Hope you like it. Thanks and regards. rounin
  • #6 - At first glance, are just three screens. May be a computer, mobile phone or any electronic device. In a second look is easy to identify the "J" and "3". Ready! Now the logo has already connected the name and brand. Simple, lightweight and easy to apply in different parts. I hope you enjoy!
  • Good day. My submission uses both blue palette swaps you suggested. Hope it is to your liking. Feedback always appreciated.
  • #90 & #91 for your consideration, both are just two colors and simple.
  • Hi, I have submitted #89. Without checking in original size, you can not check the logo quality :) Feedback appreciated. Thanks.
  • About #80 The shapes are three stylized "j". The last e in software is a 3 turned about so it looks like a e. I hope the color scheme is not to greenish for you, of course it could be done in a more blue color but i just liked this. And of course it could be done in other fonts for another feel to it. I also think it looks clean and good flat just in two colors Best regards /STHLM
  • 77 & 78 my first two entries. :)
  • Ok I'll fix this....sorry for what happen..
  • no backgrounds unless requested by the contest holder
  • no backgrounds allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • one design in an entry only, no backgrounds, no variations, just one design
  • About Design #68 Clean and Cool Design Corporate Logo...I include black and white variations below..Hope you like it...
  • About #66 As you said blue is your desired color, i just decided to stick to it. Also it looks great in black and white.
  • Ninja J with roman 3 concept . . . new identity in software world
  • 3 J circle concept . . . with two tone color
  • 3 J circle concept . . . .
  • Hope you like this entry. And if you would like anything changed just let me know.
  • Dear Contest Holder, After reading your previous comment about staying away from 3D, I decided to go with a more print friendly design. Design #41 is the new design I came up with. The layout is very simple and enhances the idea of computer software. I decided to keep the conjoined J and 3 to create a graphic image to associate with your company. I noticed that in some of the other designs, the J looks like a backward L, so I made sure that your company name is clear. Design #42 is a black and white version of the same design, since I know you are concerned about being able to convert the design into black and white. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • I changed the font. I hope you like it!