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Winning design #103 by aur3lDESIGN, Logo Design for Logo for Soliberated Solar Contest
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designed by aur3lDESIGN

Project description

Soliberated Solar is an online provider of quality solar kits and photovoltaic equipment to homeowners, commercial properties and small- to medium-sized installers. We provide access to wholesalers that would normally be out of reach for our audience. (We are an online business – soliberatedsolar.com coming soon) This logo will be used primarily online, on business cards and company stationary, and possibly on some merchandise. We're hoping for something accessible yet professional – not amateur but not sterile. We have personality but we deliver exceptional service and product every single time. Our brand name is a compound: “Sol” as in sun/solar, while the "liberated" part of our brand is in reference to individual freedom (why we started the company, what we're hoping to facilitate for our customers), not patriotism. We founded our company on the principle of independence and freedom from restraints coupled with 100% accountability. As a team we travel, we have fun, and we continually deliver absolutely premium service and equipment. We want to give our property owners liberation from the power company and the chain of their electric bill and allow them to start operating on their own terms. We want to give our installers the ability to go into business for themselves instead of having to shackle themselves to a bigger firm just to get in the game. Our equipment is the best in the industry, bar none. Nothing silly or goofy. No more than three distinct colors, though different shades would be fine. No over-the-top patriotic imagery. UPDATE 8/19: Our company name is pronounced "Sol-liberated" (not "So Liberated"), so if contrasting colors are used in that word the first three letters should be grouped together. We have really enjoyed all the entries that have come through so far, so thank you! UPDATE 8/27: We actively eliminate entries that aren't in line with what we're looking for - we don't want to leave you hanging. So if your entry hasn't been eliminated, that means we really like it. Earlier a designer pulled their entry without contacting us, which was a shame because it was near the top of our list. Please don't hesitate to communicate with us if you have any questions! We feel fortunate to work with you all, so thanks again.

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  • Hi CH please share some feedback about my entry #15.
  • This is one of our favorites so far, so thank you for your entry! Really like what you've done with the font coloring; because our company name is pronounced "Sol-liberated" (not "So liberated"), it would be great if the first three letters were all the same color.
    • Dear Contest Holder, Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will modify it as per your specifications.

  • Like the colors, really like the font effects. This is one of our favorites so far, so thank you for your entry.
    • You're very welcome. Please let me know if you wish to see any tweaks to the design.

  • Like the font. If you're using two colors for Soliberated (which is great) "Sol" should be grouped together. For us, the contrast between the three colors here isn't quite strong enough.
    • Thanks for the feedback. I have entered a new version where I grouped SOL and increased the contrast of the colors. Let me know If I can do anything else for you!

  • We do like this graphic more than the last. Thank you again for your entry.
  • Thank you for your entry. These graphics are not quite clear enough for what we're looking for but we appreciate your time.
  • This is a nice design – one of our favorites so far. We would be interested in exploring more like this as well. One correction: the first word in the company name is spelled "Soliberated".
  • Nice font. The graphic is a bit ambiguous – maybe you can explain what this represents? Thank you for your entry.
  • See previous comments re: font. Thank you for your entry.
  • We like the other version a little more – again, the lettering was a nice touch. Thank you again.
  • Like what you did with the lettering but the graphic overall is a little plain. Thank you for your entry.
  • Really like what you've done with the lettering (that alone made it one of our favorites) but the graphic next to it is a bit ambiguous. We thank you for your entry!
  • The font for "Soliberated" is a bit outdated for our tech-forward company, but we thank you for your entry.
  • This is a little closer but the font is a bit outdated. Thank you again.
  • The panels are a nice touch but this isn't quite what we're looking for. Thank you for your entry.
  • Like the font, like the dark blue. I think the image is supposed to represent panels and a sun, which is a great concept – however, this iteration looks a little like farmland. We're looking for something a little more tech-forward. Thank you for your entry!
  • See comments on #17. Thank you again.
  • Thank you for your entry. We're looking for a logo for Soliberated Solar, not soliberatedsolar.com. Also, this image is a little too close to the Conergy logo.
  • Not bad at all, just a bit plain - the image doesn't communicate anything about our brand. Thank you for your entry.
  • Not sure what the image is supposed to represent. Nice font, nice layout but the rest is a little unclear.