logo for start up social media strategic consulting firm

This was an excellent experience. We received so many different and outstanding designs. We were very pleased. Our final design by jjyepez was exactly what we asked for "simple and whimsical". Not only would we use design contest again but we've already told many people about it.

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Winning design #113 by jjyepez, Logo Design for logo for start up social media strategic consulting firm Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jjyepez

Project description

we envision a logo that is simple, yet whimsical with a focus on the strength of the word "echo". we would like to see a creative use of color, possibly a single color (with gradation) and a single pop of a stunning color. the logos that we like are: all green thumbs, botanically hip, yolee, carol stephens photography, the beautiful truth, thomas weems, literary link, zero, blue water, philippa belle, the designs mentioned may seem to be all over the place, but these are ones that stand out to us on your site. we do not like swishes or other common symbols that are meaningless.

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  • What different color would you have in mind? So I can be sure I'm not doing anything wrong.
  • Hi Lynn, Do I understand correctly that you want a lowercase font and a new image? May I ask what it was about the logo that prevented it from being eliminated? Best, Jessica
  • about #10 i would like to see the font in all lower case. the backwards arrows seem to interrupt the word itself. try a different image.
  • about #6 we like the font and the treatment of the "e". we do not like the little lines around the "o". we would like to see a pop of color and the use of an image that is more whimsical.
  • about #2 we like the font and do not like the lines around the "o". we would like to see a more imganitive and whimsical image.
  • about #1 would to see a stronger font. we do not like the three line treatment around the "o".
  • about #13 this is an interesting treatment. we would like to see the "o" in a different color. perhaps you could start with a smaller "e" and gradually get larger until you get to the "o", so all the letters would not be the same size.
  • about #15 we like the emphasis treatment on the "c". we would like to see lower case and perhaps keep the "c" upper case with the emphasis in a different color.
  • about #3 we like the direction of this design and would like to see a cleaner font. we would like to see the shadow behind the "o" emphasized perhaps with a pop of color.
  • about #5 we like the direction of this design with lower case and the pop of color. we would like to see this design enhanced a little to enphasize the word echo.
  • about #10 we like the strength of the font and would like to see it in lower case. as for the image, i think the font is very bold, which we like, and the image competes as it is also very bold.
  • about #15 we like the one that has the "o" in purple. it does not have to be purple, but i think of the blue use as somewhat commercial.
  • about #15 we would like to see this design in a different font lower and/or upper case - similar to rescueprotect.com - slightly lighter gray
  • #55, #54 & #53 are all variations on #5. Thank you for the feedback! The changes are slight, but made it a bit bolder on #53, added a shadow on #54 and changed up the colors on #55. Please let me know if you would like to see any other changes. Thank you!
  • About #66, I try to use typo art for this design to make "cho" like a wave of sound and the rythm for design. I have another version with e as you want but I just post only one here. I hope you like it. Thanks Hang
  • Can you change the "e" so it doesn't look like Pacman?
  • Here are the changes you requested from #55. Thanks!
  • Can you show us this design and color without the shadow?
  • Hey! #114 and #115 are revisions of #18 with the name directly underneath the logo. I also decided to try a different opaque "echoing" effect on #115 to give the simplistic font some more depth. Let me know if these work or not!
  • like the fading affect, but it fades into the background, so it needs to be a little darkers - also please change the color to "strategic" and put "consultant" back to the gray