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Upon completion of the contest, let me first say congratulations to ROUNIN for submitting the winning entry and thanks to the over 100 submissions that we received. There were so many excellent entries that in fact it was difficult for me at the end to just pick only ONE winner. My sincerest thanks and appreciate to all of you for taking the time and the effort, bearing the patience and supporting our site, www.maritimewiki.org DesignContest.com has made this process simple, collaborative and fun! I have not met a website such as this one in all my web surfing! Wish all of you the best of success!

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Winning design #86 by rounin, Logo Design for Logo for the MaritimeWiki Website Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rounin

Project description

It is a body-of-knowledge for the maritime industry. So whether you're a vessel owner, manager, broker, superintendent, seafarer or just simply interested in the maritime industry, this site will be of benefit to you. The Maritime Wiki is powered through a 100% wind energy generated hosting provider. As a progressive site, we believe in the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development. Only by creating a knowledge base and sharing this information can we work together to make a difference in moving the maritime industry forward.

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  • deebasodee, Welcome to DesignContest! It's a pleasure to participate in your project. I present you our sugestion to your brand. This art is 100% original and it was designed specially for you. In this art, I concluded that giving it a tide feel would fit nicely. To this end, I chose to give some kind of motion to the font, similar to the one found in the ocean. To emphasize this concept, I have also added a few submarine bubbles so people can immediately assimilate your brand and the word "maritime". Moreover, I ended up using a little gradient on this word so we could give it an ocean feel as I mentioned. As you can see, the word goes from a light blue to a darker one giving it a sensation of depth. For the word "wiki", as you can follow, I simply seized the "W" letter shape in order to add one more little ring so it would look like an anchor. I found it to be very appropriate considering your intentions. I hope you like it! If you would like to add the "OMTD" initials or even it's meaning, please let me know so we can work on this together, OK? Thank you for the opportunity! Regardless of your decision, success! =) Best regard,
  • Hi! I submitted three entries: #2 , #3 and #4 . All of these have different fonts, and symbols and all of these 3 are very simplistic , modern logos. Please feel free to comment or leave feedback about the ideas , if you like them , or if you find something that can be useful in them. Thanks!
  • My design incorporates a ship wheel to imply Martime and a magnifying glass which implies searching for information in your vast database. Hope you like the design. P.S: Ratings will be quite helpful. Thank you. Regards, Limitless Creativity (LCMS).
  • Gery, yinyang, bradbarbee and ray - Thank you all for your submissions and comments Everyone has captured the maritime theme which I like very much. The website is a wiki, so people collaboration and contribution is the main way the site will be developed. Also promotion of "green" or renewable energy use is something we want to promote. The ones that capture my eye immediately are....#10, #15, #22
  • ray
    Hey, I submited 20... Let me know what you think...
  • CH, I sumbited 18 and its basiclly a quick rough draft. Let me know what you think of colors, fonts, style, etc.
  • and finally my last design ,i hope i satisfied you . .
  • modification of #39 ,drop down shadow of M becomes W .
  • This is may first entries #56 #55
  • Dear CH, About #49 I try to make it clean and simple with emphasis in letter m, w and rudder. It make customer remember your name branding and your job. Thanks
  • I am going to add some finishing touches tonight and submit another complete design tomorrow.
  • Dear CH, This is my first entries,,,, i hope you like Thanks :)
  • this is best for the top left corner of a web page
  • Reduced noise for a better view. Again, please feel free to eliminate #34 and #35 if you will. Thanks! =)
  • Like the combined use of lifering, anchor and rope
  • A slight modification on a few letter "I" dots. CH, please feel free to eliminate number #29 and #30 as you will.
  • Removed a few noises for better visualization.
  • We do not allow clipart, the clipart you used is found here http://www.cartype.com/pics/1627/ful...i_tridente.jpg next time you are found using clipart, you will be banned from designcontest.com http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-the-maritimewiki-website/entry/22/report
  • Simple and Sober design for website . . .