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Winning design #49 by alvinnavarra, Logo Design for LOGO for Trading & contracting company Contest
Gold Medal

Project description

looking for modern, philosophic logo that can show the proficiently of this company. The logo does not has to reflect our business.
- Colored logo & could be used and recognaized easily in black & white

****UPDATE: use this name for the logo, McCain Business Est. ****

**** UPDATE: PLS create a drawing logo not based on the letters ****

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  • I wanted my logo to make it more philosophical, and use the M and C for an elephant, which symbolizes strength, prosperity and power, hope you like it as I do.
  • I hope you will give a good feedback on my work.. I made it simple so that it can be easily recognize..
  • Dear CH, In the logo is inferred the letter "c" and part of "m" like a silhouette. But in the title role in the logo is drop and a empty spase over this drop which remind for Oil & Gas industries. If you need some reconstruction please feel free to email me. Best Regards, s2289
  • Hello, my first try. Main idea was to make YOUR "McCain" somehow different and from all the others, so I used a symbol made from oil drop and gas flame for letter "a". Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  • could you please explain the meaning of the logo ?
  • Nice idea, but try to change the colors and find more attractive colors where the logo could be expressed in B&W color.
  • PLS, remove the outer frame of the drawing, change the drop style dot to regular dot, grow a lind under McCain, Write a (( Business Est. )) in the second line. Les's evaluate it after revision. Regards
  • Dear DonSepis, Thanks for your comment and sorry for your " valuable time ".
  • You should have made the brief with your precise requirements from the start, otherwise you are wasting our time. Good luck with your logo! Cheers
  • PLS do not use the MC or any other letter as a LOGO
  • need revision and change colors
  • need some revision and change the colors
  • the drawing logo is missing in your idea
  • Looking for drawing logo
  • used logo
  • used logo
  • used logo
  • Looking for a drawing logo
  • This logo would be nice for companies targeting the individuals ( dress shop or restaurant ) we are looking for logo as drawing.
  • It is seems to be a logo for IT business