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Good process, but doesn't allow for in-depth consultation with designers. Many designers do not fully read or understand the brief, leading to a lot of entries which are not acceptable. There is issues with some designers either not fully reading requests for revisions, or not being able to understand. It would be so much better if you could talk to the designers - perhaps include a Skype type function - you could set appointments to be online at the same time.


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Winning design #175 by DexMind176, Logo Design for Logo for Transport and Logistics Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DexMind176

Project description

As this is a new startup, I currently have no design requirements that are set in stone. Please feel free to use your imagination.

I require a fresh and modern logo to capture customer's attention, which will invoke feelings of modern efficiency, trust, reliability and innovative thinking.
The logo needs to be crisp and elegant, and not too complicated. I would like to see curves over straight lines, and less emphasis placed on "Australia" in the name. (Ideally I would be able to replace Australia with New Zealand, for example)
For a design to be considered with the use of the shape of Australia or the Australian flag - the design would have to be spectacular. I would recommend staying clear.

I like the font Calibri, and also like the current trend of all lower case. I do not like caps lock/all capitals.

In terms of colour, I like royal and cobalt blues, silvers - but feel free to use your imagination. Do not use green as a major colour. I would like the logo to be able to look classy on a white background (such as the side of a truck, if that becomes necessary), however, it would be beneficial if the logo could be used on other backgrounds (such as blues or black).

I will upload a selection of logos that caught my attention. I hope this will help give you an idea of what I like. I am more than happy to provide feedback, and look at as many designs as are forthcoming.

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  • Hi I've tried to develop something abstract in the style you like. Let me know of any feedback. Thanks
  • Dear Elliot, I've tried an abstract version of the kangaroo. Hope you like it...maybe you can start to award some points, that we all know wich direction is the right, to do the right matching logo for you and your starting company. 5 days left, that's not so much, to do the best for you! Thanks cyanmatt
  • Hi Ch. thank you for the compliment ^_^ here is my new entry, i revised the kangaroo, base on the agility logo i use it as inspiration. hope you like it. thank you CH
  • Zerger, Thanks for taking the risk with #36, this is really interesting in terms of the design, it actually looks really good. I also like the colour gradients. I would really like to see something from you that is a bit more abstract. Have a look at the agility logo, and use that as inspiration.
  • one design/one version only in an entry unless requested by the contest holder http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-transport-and-logistics-company/entry/27/report
  • Hi CH. here is my entry. i know you don't like a kangaroo, but i take the risk. hope you like it. thank you CH
  • The example of Agility is my favourite. I would look favourably on a design that takes inspiration from this. Not a dragon, obviously, nor the text, but the image impresses me.
  • Dear Terima Kasih, with regard to #14, how would you do Applied Logistics New Zealand, along the same lines, for example?
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • dear CH, #14 and #19 are my submission for your logo, for #14 it replacable for you to change the map and its name...like if you want to expand your company abroad, then you just have to change the map and its name... .thanks...terima kasih.
  • #9 I don't like the kangaroo because it is too Australian. I really want a logo that I could use in a company like applied logistics new Zealand. I don't like the red triangle because it reminds me of a broken down vehicle ahead sign. Not a good look in my industry, if you know what I mean :-)
  • Hi CH, here is my new study. #70 #89 the design is made by the idea of road and letter A. thank you CH
  • dear CH, #78 is my new revision, i add NZ map into it...hope you like it. regards. dani
  • Dear Elliot, i did two new designs. #73 is a typical packaging design, but in a nice 3d visual. #74 is a new version of #47. I give it an Australian/NewZeeland touch. Looks great and on paper it's a fantastic and a non-profit possibilty to improve each logo on paper and white background. JUST AS INFO: If nobody say something against, you get both Versions of the Logo Australia and New Zeeland. We all hope that your campany is going to grow and you will need it. Thanks and greez cyanmatt
  • Here is a revised version of #50. Please let me know of any other changes you would prefer Thank you
  • Hi Elliot, thanks for your feedback. This is the requested revision for #43
  • Maybe if the gradient went from top to bottom, rather than to the middle? Also, perhaps from dark through light blue, and possibly into a silver?
  • This is really good. The arrow doesn't blend in at the head however. Would you add in the map of nz, in the bottom right (where it is on the globe)
  • i like the gradients, and how you have changed this, but I prefer the gradient in the text on #36. Would you also please submit a different design? I really like your work.
  • I like this, but I am not sure its what I am looking for.