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Winning design #35 by duffydesign, Logo Design for Logo for Tigerbear Holding GmbH Contest
Gold Medal

designed by duffydesign

Project description

The logo should represent the strength of the name Tiger and Bear. The logo will be used on the homepage, in emails, as a letter head and on business cards\r\n\r\n

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  • #9 kind of looks like the constellation, Ursa Minor.
  • OK, freaky coincidence that #4 is similar to something else. I started with yin yang concept and turned the symbol into animals. Am I in the right direction or totally off the mark? Are you looking for an icon or just text? Thanks!
  • Dear Contest Holder. I have uploaded my first entry - #7 I have used the given colors, and tried to make it simple and elegant. And also meaningful with the Tiger and Bear. Please let me know, if there is anything i sould change! Thank You! -Christopher
  • The name is Tigerbear Holding GmbH. Sorry about the wrong spelling. I`ve already corrected the name of the contest. Oleksandr M
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • Hi ch here are my first submissions #22,#23; which I hope captures the strength in both animals and translates them into your brand.I also tried to keep the colour scheme and lines of the design very simple so it can be easily used on any mediums from your homepage,emails,letter heads etc. All placements,text,fonts and colours can be changed or moved.
  • Greetings Contest Holder, Thankyou for the feedback regarding #8. Here is the revision for it with more "power" added. Thanks :)
  • Good day CH. Went out of the box for my submission. 2 sets of claw marks to form a monogram. Blue for tiger, black for bear. Thanx!
  • Dear Contest Holder, Can you offer any insight on possible revisions or changes you would like to see for #16? Thanks
  • Dear CH, Please check my design entries at number #19 & #20 I hope you like it
  • I don't like the bear that much
  • #9 looks even exactly like http://pp3.sourceforge.net/wiki/uma.jpg
  • Dear Contest Holder, If you could offer any criticism or possible revisions on #16, that would be great. Thank you.
  • Hi CH, I modified my #45 because I think its probably to big. Thanks Edited: I add #62 to have more ideas of how could it be improved. Thanks
  • Dear Contest Holder, I revised the design, tried a new font that works much better than my previous, and added a few extra details to the tigerbear animal. Please let me know of any possible revisions or ideas for the revised #54 entry. Thank you!
  • too big
  • too fancy for a holding
  • It's too big for a business card
  • In my design I try to join the Bear an the tiger as 1 new kind of animal, as I understand that you are. Thanks Edited: also Check #45 following the same line of working. Thanks
  • Dear CH! I don't see any issue with using old Hevelius picture in Logo since this image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. The more, image was clear from stars, mirroring and changed the angle, so its NOT actually Hevelius picture but, say, inspired by image of Ursa Major and fitting(for me) to tigerbear character. artego