Logo for Voice and Gamingserver Provider

Great Work! Thanks for a simple, professional looking logo! Exactly what i wanted!

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Winning design #237 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Logo for Voice and Gamingserver Provider Contest
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designed by antoneofull

Project description

The Logo should be more in a professional look, than a gaming logo. It should be rememberable, readable, cool, but professional.... Probably in some way related to Austria (shape, flag) but it doesn't have to... I'm not exactly sure, i just have to like it!

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  • About #27. my 1st entry. hope you like it. thanks. best regards :)
  • a little bit too strait
  • game not easy readable
  • bicolor version looks better
  • maybe another font
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Hi Groemer, i converted the map of austria into a two connecting circle. used the color of the flag too. Thankyou!
  • and #2 use Austria's colors and has a modern feel to it. The emblem represents internet connection as you are a server company so the idea of connection is important. Wasn't sure how you felt about the emblem being combined with the text so that's why I submitted two. Thank you :)
  • Hi, A little explication about my entry: in the middle of icon is a Hallstatt culture sign to relate to Austria. I use that sign because I think Hallstatt is the most beautiful village in Europe (personal opinion) :). I hope You like it. Best regards.
  • not bad, but not what i am looking for, sorry
  • logo looks great, but the text is a little lost. font, position, size needs some tweaking
  • the a over 2 ns symbol for connection is great, try to get the logo part left a little bigger/stronger, so its a little seperated from the text
  • not a bad idea, but it doesn't really get me... sorry
  • Hi Groemer, Here is my first logo concept for your company, the logo conveys more than just a gaming company, its cool but professional, it suggest connections. thank you
  • Hi groemer, thanks for the positive feedback on #10, i made a revision on it. here #83 id also incorporate it on connet on letter O, its a joystick or analog controller.
  • i just wanted to say, i am really impressed, there are so many great designers here, i m sure i have a hard time deciding, which one to take... thanks to all of you!
  • i like the logo, only the letters inside should be a little softer and the c as strong as the g, if thats possible. probably another font for gameconnet an a little less light on it...
  • it looks really good, i didn't think i could like just text so much, maybe you could add some graphical elements, doesn't have to be a logo, just add something around the text, i don'T know lines, dots, not too much, but it should be a little more than just the words
  • i like it, but could you add a little more depht to it