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Winning design #80 by eximius123, Logo Design for Logo for Web Agency Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eximius123

Project description

We need a logo for our web agency. We are currently engaged in software development and web development. The name of the company is "lünebits" and we are located in Germany.

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  • Hello! I submitted #40 and was wondering if you had any feedback? Thanks!
  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback about #4 I will continue to create other concepts for your consideration. Let me know if there is anything I can do to improve these designs for you. Thanks so much! :]
  • Hello Contest Holder, i just created a text logo for you :) i hope u will like it, can i have some feedback? #9
  • The font and colors are nice. But can you send us some more designs with other icons?
    • Definitely! One question: did you have a particular style in mind for the icon? Thank you for the feedback!

    • Just try another font and be creative about the icon. We don't have any special wishes. Thanks!

  • Hello CH. #91. #92. #93.. Waiting for your feedback
    • Great previews! I commented/eliminated the one we like or don't like. Thanks

  • Hi CH, Iv'e submitted my entry #81. hope you like it...thanks
  • Great logo! Can you try some more fonts? Thanks!
    • about#95 i just submit new entry with new fonts. thanks

  • Nice one! Please create two more previews: 1) On business card. 2) On dark background. Edit: And don't forget the ü, please! Thanks!
    • thanks for the feedback.i would love to submit a revision but as for the business card,i think we're not allowed to submit preview on business card in here. and i suggest you should ask to DC staff to ask about additional design on business card or else we're going to have infriction point/banned from this site. Also check my new submission #53 still the same concept but im playing negative space to create hexagonal shape. thank you.

    • just check my revision logo on a dark background and proper lettering on #54 #55 Thanks.

    • #55 is very good. We commented the #55 Logo.

  • It's too simple, please be more creative. We like #55, #71, #70 and #40 the most.
  • It's too simple, please be more creative. We like #55, #71, #70 and #40 the most.
  • Please do not use braces.
  • Please do not use braces.
  • Too much dots and braces.
  • Too simple.
  • Can you remove the line above the "lb" in the icon?
  • The "e" looks a bit like the internet explorer icon. Please try another found and highlight, thanks!
  • We don't like the font, sorry.
  • We don't like the font, sorry.
  • Please don't use gradients. Thank you!
  • Please do not distribute the names on two lines