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Winning design #87 by CDS, Logo Design for Logo for web development company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CDS

Project description

The owners of the web development company want to freshen up and modernize the feel of the company and its brand. The name is "PYRAMID" Marketing Design and Technology. The name Pyramid was chosen by the company in order to convey that tis is a company that is creative, innovative, solid, will stand the test of time. But along with that also comes the feeling of "old, slow to move, out dated etc. So... The company wants a fresh new interpretation of the good points but also conveying: "Fresh, Fast, Clean, Modern, Innovative, Cool & Creative. The current logo is one color, but they are open to full color representations as well. Current Colors are Navy blue and silver but mark should also work on multi colored backgrounds and photographs.

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  • I really enjoy this logo! I believe my boss is looking for something a bit more modern though, do you have an other ideas on how you could do that with this concept. Thanks for your time!
    • hi PyramidMDT, thank you for the feedback, i've submitted new entry #48 for your review.

  • Getting closer, still not crazy about the top thought, not as much looking for a shape as just a good visual ending point.
  • I like this, could I see the pyramid in all one color, I would also like it to have a little more of a point, thanks!
    • Hi CH, looking for my update design #34 #35 #36 thanks

  • I really like your font and composition of this logo. I like where your going with the pyramid, but I don't think I quite love it yet, do you have any other ideas for this? Thanks for your time.
  • Hello CH, Could you take a look at my #33 and leave me some feedback? Thank you
    • Hey Jason, liked your font and colors, not crazy about the pyramid, it's a bit too tribal for me, could I see it differently? Thanks for you submission!

  • Yad, I like the direction of your designs, How would you represent them as single color marks?
    • YAD

      hello ch i will upload a one color for this thank you :)

  • I still feel like the perspective on this shape is off. The bottom lines don't really match or follow what the top triangle is doing. I would also like to see it without the gradient on the top of the lines, making it more structured and less like a light source. I also think you were closer with the first shape. I would like to see the lines at the bottom, under the triangle with thinner white spaces. I thank you for your work and please ask any questions if this is not clear.
  • I still like this one more, I think there just maybe an issue with the perspective of these lines.
  • I really like the Pyramid font and color, I'm not crazy about the pyramid... I like the concept, but think it might be a bit much, any other ideas? Thanks for your time!
  • Dear CH, might be you like a new concept of Pyramid shape look at my #39 and leave me some feedback? Thank you
  • Really liking the pyramid, still would like to see the font used differently, though. Thanks for your hard work.
  • I like this one and the blue one like this the best, I don't like how the font is on PYRAMID though
  • I like this one of yours the best, but I get a bridge feeling from this, not exactly sure why, but definitely more bridge than pyramid, do you have any other ideas or suggestions?
    • YAD

      thanks ch ,i will work on that.. :)

  • I really like where this is going, definitely close. Again, text looks great. Pyramid is just still not exact for me yet. Thinking maybe have the gold triangle full on the right side by maybe just an outline on the left and not continuing the lines up into it? Maybe thinner lines? Definitely feel free to offer some suggestions, I don't want to take up a ton of your time doing mocks, any thoughts? Thanks!
    • CDS

      first. THANK YOU for the high ratings...as for the lines...thinner black lines or white lines?...i'd be very hesitant to make the white lines thinner as they will start to get lost when small...just let me know and i'll be happy to work up more mockups...take care, sam [CDS]

  • I love this typography the best!! Not crazy about the pyramid however...
  • Thank you everyone for your hard work on this! We've decided that we like most the pyramid from #80, and the font style from #70. I think if you were to combine them the styles wouldn't match, but I like how #70 have the pointed A with no middle bar and the M has a point that comes down a bit further than the rest of the letter. Can you two designer come up with a rendition of those put together that match, and we'll be picking between the them? Again, thank you for your time, great work guys. Please feel free to contact me on any clarification.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted some new designs with some modifications. If you want some further changes, i can do it now and even after the contest, you can contact me for whatever changes you want in it.
  • your entry is exactly like another designers entry "98" http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-web-development-company/entry/100
  • Fantastic, love it!!!
  • Can you do this one with the gradient going from top to bottom opposed left to right...LOVE IT!!