LOGO for 'CompanyName' - Nature and Wildlife defense consulting - Introducing Innovative systems In the field of Wildlife/Nature protection

Hello, I placed the competition for a company logo. The xperiance was very interesting, I would have liked if there was a possible "Peer" review and scoring that other people couuld vote onlibne and sidplay to me what they thought was the best or should be changed. In addition, when doing a logo contest, I think one should reuest to see it on business cards and stationary to view the possibilities. Thank you

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Winning design #135 by VhienceFX, Logo Design for LOGO for 'CompanyName'  - Nature and Wildlife defense consulting - Introducing Innovative systems In the field of Wildlife/Nature protection Contest
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designed by VhienceFX

Project description

Nature/wildlife feel with sharp clean look. As stated - “CompanyName” is Composed of 2 words - Wild & Ideas - aimed both at the natural arena, and at the defense systems.The "sub logo" - will read more or less - "Innovative Nature and Wildlife defense".It must convey a sense of the natural world (Wildlife) while combining serious attitude, defense with innovation (Ideas). It is preferrable if by color or design the combination of the words will be clear (CompanyName - W and L in one color and the I D E A S in another).I am Open for any ideas and color even though i have some in mind (Shades of green, blue, orange?) - But they are not "mandatory". Prefer to see it as for Web, business cards, letterhead, with the logo (+- the sub logo).

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  • Simbol W nature colors , hope you like it , if you need any change let me know Thanks Alex
  • I'd highly appreciate feedback on my design. Thanks!
  • Dear Contest holder, Hope this is to your liking #70
  • Dear CH, I try to create logo that combine wild and technology. Because of that I use fly bat. Fly bat send sound into air and locate insect or other animal (something similar to sonar).
  • I will try tmrw morning to be more specific in my comments. A clean, natural but sharp look. I like the added use of strong versions of color that connect to the idea
  • Too aggresive, looking for a sharper "cleaner" look
  • Same comment as in 58
  • Thank you
  • Interested in seeing more... Ill try to be more specific tmrw
  • I like the OWL as a possible simble.. would like it more sharp and less "educational" looking
  • I like the general direction in this... more version ? ill try to be more specific tmrw about changes
  • Dear CH, I made an logo as showing nature and as well technology pls view #66
  • To ch about #64. I think this represents your companies objective very well.For the icon you can see the W for wildlife surrounded by the Wild vine protective sun circle. The text i chose really gives off that wild nature feel. to distinguish the W and the L I put the wild vines behind them. Hope you like it. Any feedback would be great. Thanks for your time.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I did what you asked in #65 crisper lines, no shadowing, and kept it wild and professional. hope you like it
  • Hi CH, here is another entry, this time with a turtle. All my artwork is my own so there are no copyright issues. Kind regards, Liz
  • Hello CH. #60 is my first entry for your logo. Comments are appreciated. Regards.
  • Dear Contest Holder, in this entry I have used an owl to represent wisdom and also a wild animal in conservation. I have tried shades of turquoise and added your strapline just to show you what it would look like. Kind regards, Liz
  • I like the concept.. But maybe with an animal instead of a human face? differentky ? and a version not in a lamp ?
  • wild yes, but looking for a cleaner look.. Pro..
  • 36 is better