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The Logo Design process is very intuitive and whenever we ran into roadblocks, DesignContest has handy tutorials and F.A.Q.s to help guide you through their system. When the webpages fail, you have instant easy access to their customer service agents via chat. Both Anastasia and Sharie were key to the success of our process, especially because our designer never responded after we selected their design. That could have been a complete disaster for us, but Sharie stepped in and personally made the minor changes (which turned out to be more complicated than we thought, and she was on board the whole time) we required. We got over 100 submissions, most designers were responsive to our feedback, and it was relatively easy to share our submissions with our clientele and employees for voting (however I wouldn't recommend this for clientele/employees who aren't comfortable with computers, some had a difficult time with the DesignContest voting feature). Overall we are really happy with the result. Great value!


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Winning design #18 by xeon168, Logo Design for Logo for women's crisis network Contest
Gold Medal

designed by xeon168

Project description

Réseau-femmes du sud-ouest de l’Ontario

We are a regional not-for-profit serving French-speaking women in southwestern Ontario (individual intervention/counseling, accompaniment, referral and representation services). Prevention, awareness, and education against violence are also at the core of our mission and mandate.

We have a long name: Réseau-femmes du sud-ouest de l’Ontario. However, “Réseau-femmes” is the keystone (it means women’s network). The second part means of southwestern Ontario: “du sud-ouest de l’Ontario.” It can be treated as more of a byline; it specifies our location whereas "Réseau-femmes" specifies what we do.

The region we serve is large and diverse, and very multicultural. We have three offices spread across a huge territory and women’s need are different in every location. We would like the logo to reflect that diversity and versatility.

Logo will be used on social media, print and advertising materials (including letterhead), as well as on our website. My preference leans towards an image or icon that can be used separately from the text however I am open to something more classic. It will be seen both by clients as well as major funders.

The colour of awareness for violence against women is purple. However, some members of my Board like the idea of pink. (Please note, staff prefer purple.) Please do not use pink and purple together as the only colours, use either pink or purple. We are also looking to find a balance between professional and feminine.

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  • Hello everyone. Thank you for your varied submissions, this has been a great process so far. I want to let everyone know that we will be taking some time to make the final selection so that we can involve as many people as possible in the final choice. I anticipate having a final selection by July 28. Please do not hesitate to message me in the meantime!
  • Variation on initial submission with more defined shield element (top part of shield hasn't been curved to keep strong presence as main element and to keep balance with softer - curved typography , thus not becoming too masculine nor feminine in whole. #32
    • About #32, @Equilibrium This is much much better. Is there a way to make the "cross" less square? We're still getting feedback about it's "religiousness".

    • @RFSOO

      Thank you for feedback;

      I understand it can be seen as religious cross, i will try to round it and/or stylize it a bit but i am not sure ill make it it time till contest is active, tho ill try.

    • @RFSOO I've submitted variations #102 #103 #104 #105 and #106 for your consideration.

    • Those a great, thank you @Equilibrium! Will definitely submit at least #106 for voting to board and staff.

    • @RFSOO Thank You for taking time to review and Your kind feedback.

  • the improvement for the "R"..hope you like it.. #108
  • dear CH, thank you for the comment. This is my submission hope is look more to the "R".. #107
  • Variation with clear Venus symbol. #106
  • Variation with highly stylized cross. #105
  • Variation 2 with cross in negative space. #104
  • Variation with rounded cross. #103
  • Variation 1 with cross in negative space. #102
  • I really like this one, but wondering if there is a difference between #57 and #56 that I'm not seeing? #57
    • @RFSOO there is no different i just accidentally post the same design 2 times

    • @KHALED1 No problem, thanks for clarifying!

    • @RFSOO no problem

  • @RFSOO About #40
    Highly 'feminine style' logo with symbolism of :

    Shield - Protection,
    Wings - Freedom,
    Venus - Female.

    Essentially protecting female freedom.
    • About #40, @Equilibrium I still very much appreciate the thought you've put into our design, but this one is almost too feminine.

    • @RFSOO I agree, its highly feminine and its not quite adequate for purpose your cause represent, cos i still believe those causes need to have strong/impactfull balanced logo.

  • dear CH, my proposal is based by The Lady of Justice..this "R" logo show a part of it, a hope of a woman's face with a ribbon that covers her eye. Meaning today...thanks for the technology now women all over the world can reach together and they can fight and have rights to be equal and have justice..need comment please. thanks #52
    • @lukas27 Thank you for the submission and the explanation of your thought process. However, we're thinking that the R is looking like a P because the ribbon is "behind" the darker purple of the rest of it.

  • Thank you for your entries and all the variation provided. #45
  • Thank you very much for your entry, but this isn't quite what we're looking for. #44
  • check please #75
  • check please #74
  • check please #73
  • This is my creation ... I hope you like #62