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Winning design #109 by UnitONE, Logo Design for Logo for Wristbands.net ecommerce site - Looking for fresh, clean, creative design. Contest
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designed by UnitONE

Project description

We are looking for a new logo. The primary purpose will be for our website ( https://www.wristbands.net/ ), however we would like a design that is flexible enough to be used in print, t-shirts, etc. Colors: Would like something that will fit in with the current color scheme of our website. Shape: Given the design of our website our initial thought is a logo that is wider than it is tall. We also would not mind a design that has an icon/design element that can be used as a stand alone item...IE as a twitter icon, etc. (but this is not a requirement.) Design: Looking for something fresh, clean, creative. Not too cartoony. The design needs to incorporate a wristband or immediately convey the message that we sell/manufacture wristbands.

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  • dear CH i'm sorry if the background color looks wrong in the original file i used the right color but when i uploaded it it changed
  • #55 #56 On these studies, I made the "W" & "B" forming WristBands. Two color schemes--Yellow & orange. If there's any color preference that you like, just tell us....thanks
  • @lizonil You edited your comment to reference my design #50. You just had the other design meant for another contest up with the animal. Mistake?
  • Hello again CH, #50 is an "icon/design element" that can be used as a stand alone item as you requested in your design brief. Same color theme as #47 and #48. (willing to revise as needed) Thanks in advance! -MARVEL (My apologies, leftout the "s" in wristband(s) This can be corrected asap! Thanks :)
  • -_- Shoot I should of fixed the B and capitalized it. D: Woops.
  • whoops... sorry entered this is the wrong contest. My apologies!! Avert your gaze!
  • Dear CH, A new concept for your review: #47....#48. I created a horizontal logo to compliment your website layout, as you requested. Also, your website color theme appears to be (red, white, and blue); I included black to accent these colors. Any thoughts or request? Thanks! - MARVEL
  • about #45 i know i submit this design 3 times cause the first time i type wrong words and second time i use wrong background so hope tht is accepted
  • Dear CH, here is a version of No.41 showing what it would look like printed on white (t-shirt, hat, business cards etc). Kind regards
  • So sorry about #37 i wrote it in .com not .net hope can be accepted
  • Dear CH About #35 ...the background is darker than it should be but that's the design. Thanks
  • Dear CH: I managed to fix the background color issue in the other submissions. I wanted to change the first two submissions that had that problem, but it couldn't happen. Im real sorry for the trouble~!
  • Dear CH: Damn... Im sorry for my #28 upload. I had the very same problem as one person previously mentioned, about using the correct color, but the in the uploaded version it seems different.
  • i'm sorry, but i can't understand my submission is similar to wich other entry?
  • your design is too much like another designers entry http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-for-wristbands.net-ecommerce-site-looking-for-fresh-clean-creative-design/entry/13/report
  • Dear CH, In #21, I forgot the s in wristbands. I hope that doesn't penalize me...if you'd like me to fix it, I can with no problem. Sorry for the trouble Thanks! =)
  • Hi Dear CH, Can you give me feedback and opinions about the #71 logo,is it good as it is or need some changes? Thank you
  • DEAR CH: in our country wristbands are commonly called baller. that's why i came up with a logo concept that the logo alone would directly represent your products. Your usb wristband primarily caught my attention when i visit your site so i thought it could be an eye catcher if the usb wristband will show on the logo. i put a regular size, a wider size with two colors, and u usb wristband with color combination that will form the "W". i hope you like it. your comment would be much appreciated.
  • Here's the logo at left side, thanks for the comments...
  • dear CH hi, I've made a few changes to the logo and I've submitted two new proposals this one and number #90 changed the W, the "disney" look is gone, I must add this is not a font, I designed this typography specially for your logo, no one else can download or use this typography. thanks, Carolina H.