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Winning design #33 by nicolets , Logo Design for Logo needed for a hosting company.... Contest
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designed by nicolets

Project description

We need a great looking corporate logo for our company "Rose Web Services LLC". It should combine the first three letters "RWS" or the three words "Rose", "Web" and "Services". If using just the three letters to create the logo, "Rose Web Services" should be shown below the logo. The logo should be made so it's easy to show on top of both bright and dark backgrounds. The logo should portray the high-tech properties of our company and the industry in general. I will know right away if I like something. We need this asap. Thanks.

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  • This is not good. The "R" should be "R" not "r". Try to play with the whole words as part of the logo.
  • Don't like the lines and it's too dark
  • No roses or other flowers.
  • Greetings Contest Holder, I have applied my design for you contest ( #3 ). Simple and expressive (i belive ). Its formed from "r w s" with the "rose web services" under it. For now its shown in gray so colors are up to you if u want them. Thankyou Hoffa.
  • Dear Contest Holder, It is generally better to comment on a design than eliminate it. Simply eliminating does not offer a design input, nor does it foster interest in continuing on with designing for you. Should you be interested in another design option, please inform.
  • About #19 Dear Contest Holder, Regarding the color it could be any color you want, so that it is also visible on dark and bright background. This is visible on dark as well because it's having an outer glow which is not visible on white background. Thank you, and looking forward to comments and suggestions, Roberth
  • dear CH, here are my submission for the concept of your logo. please let me know what you think! Thanks! LJ
  • Greetings Contest Holder, I have submited a new entry for your contest, this is a followup from previous #3, this time with the letters RWS (uppercase). Hope you like'em. Thankyou, Hoffa.