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Hi All, Thanx guys for the effort. We will have many more projects coming up so good luck next time. greetz

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Winning design #225 by DexMind176, Logo Design for Logo needed for App Selling Company Contest
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designed by DexMind176

Project description

We need a logo for our company. From there we will decide on the colours for our website and promotional material. The logo needs to be fancy, clean (as design www.apple.com website), fast, fashionable, mobile and fresh! We will give you plenty of feedback so please send us your suggestions!

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  • Hi CH, The idea of this design is to put mobile phone in app. I can put more phones, different model if You like the idea. Best Regards Bb
  • so many great works ! I will try another design soon.
  • This conceptions is easy to use in any material: for web purposes you could use 3d adjustment #33, for print and other material #32 / #31 Red has a great contrast with grayscaled web designs (as you named apple web as exaple) Also easy readable in small scale witch will be usefull in mobile usage. If you need a squere icon for mobiles it can also be done in same conception, just let me know. Kind regards, FullHeads visuals
  • Hello CH, #71,#73 try to make a unique LOGO in apps world. I choose Alien for your logo because it's represents you have applications which are out of world, kind of alien apps :) hope you like it, let me know if you need any changes.
  • Dear CH, Please review logo number 62. I can recreate this logo in any colour scheme you may choose. Other permutations on this logo will be uploaded. But please respond with a preferred colour for this logo, or if you would like a multicolored version of it I will create it. For now all variants will be uploaded in red pending your response. Thank you very much, Vaaaampire
  • No backgrounds are allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • Only one design allowed per entry. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-needed-for-app-selling-company/entry/41/report
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by Ch.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-needed-for-app-selling-company/entry/53/report
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH. `
  • Description of #80 - at the right side of logo you can see letter "A" to represent your company's name "appsolutely" - in the middle of the text, I highlite "ol" letters because I think most of your application is online applications.
  • #64 and #62 I figre 62 would work in a letterhead and the other as a logo type. I could of course send both.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logo-needed-for-app-selling-company/entry/185/report
  • trying to give a unique touch of Out of the world(Alien) APPS @ Appsolutely.
  • It's a Logo which is combination of words "APPS" "@" Appsolutely. Simply it means APPS @ the one and only store Appsolutely... hope u like it :)
  • Hi there. Numbers are #184 and #185 and #248 (with background erased;). Since you have such an interesting company name, I've decided to play with it to make a proper logo. As you can see the lower part of the word "absolutely" moved a little forming the name of your company. So you can feel the 'mobility' of the lower part :) and of course the products of your activity make people more mobile. Furthermore, one will associate your company with the word "absolutely", so I made it as a slogan-logo - Appsolutely - absolutely mobile. Or - Appsolutely - absolutely everything for mobile :) Hope you'll like it. Ready to make any revisions if you wish.
  • Hi CH,... check my design #181, #182,#183 Triangle represent stable, tough, and nearly initial "A" the empty space in the triangle represent checklist symbol.. hope You like that,... expect your comment... thx..