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Winning design #41 by justJ, Logo Design for Logo needed for consumer facing home improvements Contest
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designed by justJ

Project description

I need a logo for the rebrand of our existing Trusted Local Suppliers brand. http://www.trustedlocalsuppliers.org/ This website is being re-developed at present, and we need a logo to reflect the brand. Emphasis needs to be made in the 'trusted' aspect of Trusted Local Suppliers. The colours should be used can be found on the demo version of the new site; http://trustedlocalsuppliers.demosite.me.uk/ However, we are looking to change the current orange / red being used on the site to an 'Eco green', so please use a eco green. The current logo emphasises 'suppliers', and we want the emphasis on the 'trusted' aspect. We need a brand logo with the letters 'TLS' and also 'trusted local suppliers' written in full. The chosen entry will need to tell us what fonts exactly were used, and will need to supply a high resolutions PSD file.

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  • Thats great, could you really quickly try it in a helvetica type font?and space the 'TLS' ever so slightly closer together?
    • what type of font is that CH? what line of image is it?

    • Its just a sans serif font like youve used in the 'trusted local suppliers' part, try the 'TLS' in this plain font?

    • Hahaha, I still have my slots CH :) thanks... check it out

  • Hi, could you make the blue you have used darker? The bottom TLS and Trusted Local Suppliers is the preferred version of the three in this submission. Could you also make 'local' and 'suppliers' in the same font and same colour please? Also, remove the underscore mark from 'TLS'?
    • Again,sir.I've made some changes you asked but I'm dealing with slot limit. I'm so sorry,sir.Time is ticking,I know there's nothing I can do due to this problem for now.

  • I think that was all the nice font I had. hehe #45
  • Thanks, could you try is like this but with a green tick instead of TLS in the house please? So we can compare the two
  • Could you possibly make the green you have used slightly darker? Also, replace the tick mark in the house with 'TLS' all in upper case? Maybe Make the house grey, the 'TLS' green, 'Trusted' green and keep 'local suppliers' in grey?
  • The bottom one of these two is the preferred one, however, could you make 'TLS' all upper case? also could you try 'TLS' in a couple of different fonts, as we wanted something a bit clearer?
    • right away ch, but I'll make it in one image only ch, i'm lack of slot I guess..

    • ive just freed up another slot for you, keep up the good work!

  • Could you make the 'T' the same colour as 'LS' and also make 'local suppliers' all in the same colour?
  • thats better. Would you be able to make the 'T' into a green tick, similar to other have done? Also, make 'trusted' a different colour to 'local suppliers' blue possibly?
    • Please check #39. If you want to see anything else- I'm here... Thanks!

  • for the last slot of my entry I guess CH :) #38 I hope you like it.
  • Hi, could you try the @TLS' in a dfferent style of font please?
    • Hi! No problem, how do you like entry #36? Thanks!

  • hi could you possibly try a house in place of the green ticket type thing above trusted? thanks!
  • Thanks for this, better! Could you try the 'Local suppliers' part in the same colour blue? Also, the could you try the 'TLS' in a different style font please?
  • I hope you find it more interesting CH :D best regards. that will be my last entry. ^_^ #34
  • trusted local consumer?? you mean trusted local suppliers?
    • ohhh im sorry ch ;) just a bit hasty.. Wait.. :D re'edit, delete that design then hehe im so sorry.

    • sorry for the wrong title ch, but i already revise it. :) #33

  • how about my new entry ch? #33 I hope you like it.
  • please use a different font for ;trusted' also, try a slightly darker shade of green?
    • Hi louises. I've finished my revision but when I'm ready to submit the new version as you asked me it seems I couldn't submit anymore designs since I've reached maximal upload.Could you please kindly help me with this issue?maybe by eliminating my other entries.

    • just deleted one, try now

    • I'm sorry but it still won't work.I'm a little bit frustrated right now. Please kindly help me so I can help you more.Thank you.

  • how about my new entry ch? #32 I hope you like it.
  • Could you try this in a differnet font for 'trusted local suppliers'? something a bit more simple? Maybe put 'TLS' all in blue and the house in green?
    • ok ill post it when I finish it ch :) thanks for the suggestion by the way

  • I like this entry overall, but I think the builders hat looks more business 2 business rather than business 2 consumer. could you try it with a house instead? also the blue you've used inst quite right..
  • Wanna check on my entry ch? #31 comment and suggestion is very much appreciated.