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Design contest is impressive. Sixty designers worked on our logo and in a way worked together to create the good one. We can't have this with an only one designer. That's pretty good. I think that's worth the 275 dollars.

$275 paid

67 custom designs

28pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #57 by Arul, Logo Design for Logo Priorité Nature Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Arul

Project description

We are a newly formed French association/charity named « Priorité Nature ». Our aim is to protect nature, animals and plants in all their forms. We are looking for a cute logo that will become easily recognizable. Ideally it would incorporate the two first letters, P and N and to be perfect the P and N could be formed with an outline or silhouette of an animal and a plant with the rest of the word clearly readable. It would be best if the two words were written one above the other with the P right above or slightly offset from the N below. It should be simple and clearly have three main ideas: animal, life and nature. You can visit our web site www.prioritenature.fr ( attention, we are NOT www.prioritenature.com!) We don't have very much money but can probably find a donor for $275 or so for the perfect logo. Otherwise if someone can donate us a logo that would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping us and helping the planet!

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  • Thank you for your logo. Honestly I like it very much. The only thing I dislike is the animal : an elephant. We are an european association. But I discuss with the other member to know they think about it.
  • Dear CH, please remove my work #6 , #8 and #9 to be able to send you a new work! Regards!
  • Juste to be quite more accurate to the logo 6, 8 and 9, there are too complex and the public is not only the children. This should be very good for stickers or poster. But a logo for an european association to protect environment and wildlife should be more simple. It is not really what we want. Thank you for your job.
  • Dear Bellart and others, We protect european wildlife. so africain animals are not what we expect. The best logo for the moment is n°1 but with european animals, indeed. If you can play more with P and N that's good. (sorry for my english)
  • Dear CH, please check my work #6, #8 and #9 and give me some feedback. Regards!
  • It is not readable and understandable.
  • The idea is good. I don't know if this could be better than the actual logo but I will discuss with the orthers.
  • The style is good (color and design). But the "p" is not readable. Maybe is little too complexe for a logo. By the way we will discuss with the orther members to choice the perfect logo when the contest time is over. I like it.
  • I don't really like the syle. Color is not good enough. thank you for your job.
  • @arul If you can create a new logo that's better. The concept is quite what we want. But the animal is not come from europe. In a way I think we don't quickly understand that's a logo for an environment association. The second point is we want to play with P and N. Sometimes we have Priorite Nature and sometimes we have P and N. But in your logo P and N never can be separated. But your logo is simple, stylish and use P and N. That's the reason why I put 60%. But there is a long way to have exactly what we want.
  • what should I do to update the logo of me, what I have to create a new logo
  • I would like to notice that the mark doesn't mean anything. I just use it to rank.
  • That's quite what we want. But Pelican is not a common animal in europe. It's not recognizable. You can put a stork maybe but it's only seeable at the east of france. Ok I keep it in mind.
  • There is an identity as well (see post just before). But priorité nature in the N is not a good Idea, i think. It's not readable.
  • As I said few times along this contest, i'm not alone to decide. But I like it very much. For me, there is an identity and the design is good. The print and leaves can be used for bookmarks or chapters in magazine. And ecological footprint is a good metaphore.
  • Maybe it is difficult to understand
  • Maybe it is quite difficult to undestand.
  • that's really better. Readable, good design and good color. But as you know, I'm not alone to decide. So I keep it in mind. Maybe the one thing I noticed is there are no identity. It is difficult to create a communication based on this logo and people say, "Sure, that's Priorité Nature!" But I will discuss with the orthers.
  • Hello CH, I've submitted three revised versions of my design. #51 is the same with some "fixes" (text alignment, some footprints details) #52 additionally have a detail added to some of the biggest leafs #53 have details added to all the leafs Best regards, Iridith
  • Hello CH, I just submitted my entry #38 .. As you can see, the letter "P" has also a feature of a number "1" which means PRIORITY.. Hope dolphins are okay with you. And lastly, Im hoping that I met your brief. Any feedback would be much appreciated.=)