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We are looking for a new logo/color scheme branding project. I will upload a sample of our current grey/black logo design that we utilize. Our website is shortly due for an upgrade and we are going to a new WordPress design so need a new color scheme for it. The winner would provide a winning logo design, approved color scheme with PMS colors provided, simple PPT background with colored header/footer, and a couple basic options for a desktop background using a whitewashed or faded logo image on a solid color background...

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  • We are open to most any design option and/or color scheme. The design in the end is most important as we can arrange different color schemes with a single chosen logo design. The adb Services in example is our current which we are looking to change. The NextGen PPT background shows what we are looking for near the end of the contest once we settle on a logo design in that we want to get a matching PPT background header/footer configured. Hope this helps.
  • Dear CH, you mention in the brief that you are looking for a new color scheme to replace your current black, white, gray scheme...do you want us to strictly use the blue, green, red, and gray that you provided? Or are we free to create our own scheme? Thanks!
  • The submitted example shows a nice logo for a company that we know - NextGen Technology Group. This is their logo "whitewashed" in the lower left corner plus their high quality PPT background imaging with a simple header/footer design and whitespace in the middle like we are looking for...
  • Icon is like a power button computer with A transposed into a triangle and D is mirrored by B. I hope u like it...thanks.
  • About #22 Here are I wanted to create a simple logo with you slogan. Hope you like it. Thanks!
  • designers: contest is a logo contest, the other files will be worked on after a winner is picked so please keep the entries a "logo" contest
  • Multiple designs in same entry is not allowed. Only 1. Please resubmit a correct file. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logobranding-projec/entry/3
  • We are open to some type of imagery or logo vs. just straight adb text. Just an option. We are in the computer business and anything that might match our slogan in concept would be good. Hope this helps.
  • So far, design #6 by first seems to be in the right direction. WOuld love to see options but that design seems to be modern and slightly unique without too much complexity.
  • The detail in design #3 by Skae2 is right in line with what we want functionally. Not a huge fan on the design but once we get closer to the logo concept award, that is what we are looking for in a few options of logo colors, PPT design and front/back business card design.
  • Hi, I have tried to make as much as possible simple and during too time the expressive logo #6, all three letters it is a particle of the computer world
  • Sorry for my #41 (wrong spelling), Revised it and made some changes in color #42. Hope you like it.
  • No backgrounds (flat or gradient) allowed unless CH requests.
  • No backgrounds allowed unless CH requests.
  • DESIGNERS! Please read the rules on commenting in contests. http://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/Vie w/46/6/rules-for-commenting-in-a-contest-page If I see more comments asking for feedback, or just highlighting your entry, infractions will start again. Our guidelines are very clear as to what to write and what not to write. You can write a brief description of the entry, answer a CH question or ask the CH a question about the contest only.
  • About #60 I used a variation of the line you have "technology explained in plain english." If you want I can put yours in instead. Thought I'd try a different approach. I like the point you are making. You have found the need, now you just need the brand to explain it easily so people understand. Let me know thoughts for revisions. Also, rating designs may help you start getting more designs like what you are looking for. Look forward to giving you what you need:)
  • That exact idea is being used by another designer already. Infraction for http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logobranding-projec/entry/43
  • Color is corrected
  • Dont like font
  • Dont like font