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Winning design #112 by oniKuro, Logo Design for Logo/Branding Contest
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designed by oniKuro

Project description

We are looking for a new logo/color scheme design for e2 Consulting. Color options would be blue/grey or an orange/grey identical to that of Ascend Technologies. In the end, we require a logo design option with 2-3 color options, basic business card design and a PPT background image with a whitewashed logo in the lower corner. I am providing a PPT background of our Ascend Technologies company. It is basically a 2 color deal (orange/grey) with a simple header/footer and whitewashed logo in the corner. Once we feel like we have a winner for the log design, we would ask the developer to complete the business card option and PPT background. I just completed an identical project for Mission 122 and the developer (josephope) did an excellent job. I will post an additional comment shortly with a link or some info showing that winning project to give you guys an idea of what we are looking for. e2 Consulting will be branded in a technology environment. We do not have a slogan at this point. If we decide on one, I will add a post/comment to the project asap to help you guys with ideas. Our primary services are voice/data/video services to the business community. Our Ascend company logo is an open box with a slogan "solutions outside the box". Something unique like this is what we are looking for. I am wide open to slogan suggestions given our content desires if anyone has thoughts/ideas. Thanks to all and good luck.

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  • Regarding Iperwas question - I offered several options for colors but did not want all to be used. A single color in conjunction with a black/grey type mix is usually preferred.
  • Hi CH i merged the e and 2 together in a simple look . I used flat colors for #15(orange) and gradient for #16(blue) .
  • Hi CH would you like us to use all the colors you suggested or can we just use a couple? thanks
  • Dear "flinkas" - what happened to your other design? That seemed to be a great option that we were looking at it and it dissapeared? It was a black/grey/blue like design #14 and now it is gone.
  • Multiple designs is not allowed. Only 1 per entry. You can resubmit a correct file. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logobranding/entry/12
  • Hi CH: Here is the link to your past contest http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/logocolor-scheme
  • The most recent successfuly campaign I did was a similiar logo/color scheme contest 1-2 weeks ago for Mission 122. Josephope was the designer who won and we thought the work was excellent. Please reference that project if possible for details of what we are looking for. I am not sure how to provide a link to that closed contest but if anyone has any suggestions, I will be happy to do so.
  • For a horizontal version also, could you put the Consulting and slogan out to the right of the logo piece as an option?
  • could you revise this with a lower case e to see what that would look like? not a bad design...
  • Characters E and 2 formed with same elements.
  • Would also probably make the "Consulting" word grey or black vs. a darker blue as shown.
  • Good pure logo conceept. Would like to see 2-3 color schemes on it. Blue/Black/Grey seems to be the dominant color option for us. See post below to add new slogan...
  • So far the design #25 by flinkas seems to be more in line with what we are looking for than anything. We did decide to add a slogan for the logo. It would be "technology re-defined". flinkas - could you mold into the logo design you have this slogan and see what that might look like? Also, as you did before, 2-3 color scheme options or reverse configs also help...
  • Nice, flinkas is back. That is the design we were wondering about that was just posted in design #21. That is a pretty good modern design logo with good color scheme. We like the grey tones on the blue gradients.
  • Design #17 by KGraphics and #6 by anantasteyr are on the right track. Usually a 2 color option is good with a main color plus a black/grey type environment. I am still wondering what happened to designs #12-13. The good one was a small e with a 2 designed like you would spell out e squared in math with a circular wrapping around the entire e2 component. Colors were the same as done in #14 by flinkas. flinkas was the designer that posted the entry and within a few hours it was removed? If anyone could re-create that concept, it would be pretty good.
  • Entry #50 is another option to bring about your services....voice, Video, and data....
  • Dear droberts, Thank you so much for making our last project as reference of this contest. Anyway, here are my entries- #48 and #49. Here I want your brand to talk about your services. I hope I can suggest good slogan for this project as nice as that of ASCEND. I still have few days to find suggestions anyway.
  • hello contest holder..here is my simple logo design..hope it works..best regards.........
  • About #46 I made the logo from two E's with the 2 placed on the e. Also I wanted to use a slogan that would mention your services. This is a strong logo with blue and grey colors. Simple but effective.