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Winning design #95 by kathurrella, Logo Design for Logo/Color Scheme Contest
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designed by kathurrella

Project description

This project is for a new color scheme/logo upon which we can start to rebuild our website. I have submitted 4 contests to date and the successful developer usually delivers the following: proposed color scheme with PMS color numbers, logo options in both a square and horizontal design, PPT background design with the newly integrated logo/color scheme and a desktop background to match as a bonus. These are usually easy additions once we start to settle on a scheme/logo. I will provide feedback almost daily to the best submissions so as to help direct the contest. Most likely a conservative blue will be ideal for this project. A blue/black/grey mix is probably best. See our past contests to get an idea of what we like. Some of the same designers have won multiple contests with us due to their design concepts.

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  • shown in this design is symbolic networks, I hope your suggestions and comments thanks.
  • On a side note, Fibercom, Inc. is a highly technical integrator in the telecommunications industry. They specialize in structured cabling, telephone systems, security/surveillance solutions, etc. Any ideas on the logo concept are welcomed. Either we integrate a slogan into the logo concept (like Ascend) or we pull something from a design perspective out of the air (like e2) that just looks good. I am working on a slogan to help direct this... Thanks.
  • Designers - I have attached 3 examples of what we have done in the past. Ascend is my own company and was a custom project. Single color + grey/black concept seems to work well. The e2 project was a Design Contest project that was done by an extremely talented developer who delivered on everything we asked for. The only thing we ended up changing was his PPT design because it was a grey background in the content section. Since most images injected into PPT are white background, PPT backgrounds need to be more similiar to the Ascend concept because they need a good looking header/footer with WHITE SPACE in the middle for content. These are 2 good logo design concepts. We do not yet have a "slogan". If I can verify a new slogan in the next 24 hours, I will post immediately so stay tuned. Thanks to all.
  • hi CH, please check #34 thank you.
  • A unique symbol, that represents the letters F and C, Fiber + Communication. The same logo can be used in white or black background, and both can appear clearly. The colors are standard in the communications world: Black, gray. white, black. PPT template whit white background, and very simple. Hope you enjoy!
  • hi, please check #8, #9 and #10, Thanks.
  • one design in an entry only, just the logo itself, if the ch wants to see more they will ask
  • We like 79. A few comments: The word EXPERTS needs to be different in some way, perhaps underlined, different color, different font, etc. Since voice, data, video describes what the customer does and EXPERTS describes how well they do it. We like the images in the dots in 81. Could they be added to the dots in 79? Our concern is it will look too busy by adding them... We would like a differnt image then the floppy disk. Looking good!
  • Dear Ch Review #76 with changes suggested by you for the design #64
  • Customer also liked #36 by flinkas based on past performance. Only concern is reducing the logo concept to 3 balls vs. 9 to link with the new slogan idea of voice/data/video experts... Also need a more trendy/modern font. Hope this helps flinkas.
  • If customer can keep the , Inc. on the end of Fibercom, that is preferred. If not, no big deal.
  • Customer likes #64 by dexmind. Original design #32 was good and some variation is most likely good. Customer wants to go with "voice - data - video experts" as the slogan. My thoughts were to put a circular color ball between voice/data/video as a marker linking the 3 balls in the logo design to the voice/data/video concept and add the word experts! Thoughts?
  • Dear Ch #43, #64 & #42 are my revision of the design #32... plz review your feedback for further improvement
  • Current logo submitted as #63. We can use something like "Network Solutions Re-defined" as a slogan.
  • please check #59 and #60. Tell me if i have to change something. Thanks
  • #40
  • The blue colors in #15 and #19 are closer to something we could work with. The more aqua looking blue's are not in keeping with the right color tone. The blue/green colors in the e2 Consulting examples we like a lot. Hope this helps direction. Use the grey in the logo in some way to contrast it against a single color idea.
  • I think #15 and #32 are pretty good. #15 is using the simple FC concept which may have to be done in the end. I would say #32 is the best to date by simply putting some "connectivity" concept on a basic logo of the name. I would not put the world image inside the O. Simply connecting O's that may be slightly colored would be more than fine and simple. Maybe a single color with grey/black in total. In this case, the connected dots could be the solid logo color plus a grey one and a black one. Let's give that a try maybe. Thanks guys.
  • Cisco and Shoretel have pretty good logo's... I think we want a designed logo vs. using the F in Fibercom... Looking through the submissions to make some notes. Thanks.
  • Designers - couple of thoughts since we have not been able to give you guys a slogan... Maybe something that connotates technology, specifically in the telecom space. I am trying to find a few telecom companies and their logo's to stimulate the creative side for us all. Thanks.