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This experience was great. My first project with Design Contest was a struggle becuase the developer virtually dissapeared immediately after being awarded the project. This developer (josephope) was amazing and not only completed this project but went above and beyond with a few extras. I am super happy with the design and got many variations to utilize in a host of settings (web/print/PPT/etc.). Many thanks to a great developer who clearly understands the customer side of these transactions. Highly recommended. I would seek josephope out directly in future projects on DesignContest... Thanks again.

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Winning design #38 by josephope, Logo Design for Logo/Color Scheme Contest
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designed by josephope

Project description

Need a new logo for the organization plus a color scheme. Softer or earth tones are preferred. One similiar group that does a nice job is Third Millenium and you can see their logo/color scheme at www.thirdmill.org. Another great logo is that of Ligonier Ministries found at www.ligonier.org. Blue is the favorite primary color for the logo, but earth tones like the green found in Ligonier is also great. Just looking for options. In the end, I need the new logo with the tag line "transforming the heart & mind"... Prefer both a horizontal and vertical (box/square) sizing version on the logo for multiple purposes. Desperately need a simple header/footer image for a Powerpoint background as well which will simply be a gradient of the original logo on the footer and a color gradient on the header.

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  • About #15 Hi CH, Has tried to sustain as much as possible your requirements, on how many it was possible, to solve to you. Thanks!
  • Design #10 by vishnususeel is not bad. My only concern is that the globe is a slightly over used concept in logo designs, especially those in the non-profit and religious community. Although I like the contrasting colors, it seems that a single primary color (or variation of a single color) is going to be easier to work with as noted just previously on the web design side for us that will be a simple but functional Word Press design in the coming months. Once we finalize on the logo image, the PPT background header/footer is great on #2 (minus the black bottom) and #7. Hope that helps. 1 color may be great. 2 colors is certainly not out of the question. If you look at www.thirdmill.org, white is one of their 2 colors which is usually not preferred. While I like the simplicity, please design logo's with 1 primary color (variations of a single) or 2 color and we are probably good. Thanks.
  • Guys - design #8 by josephope seems to be the closest to date for what we are looking for. Maybe an adjustment on the white space on the heart and below but overall, a good design. I think we want to attempt to stick with a single primary color. This #8 design is a slight differentiated version of the same color in the total logo but would work well on what will be a WordPress website design in the future. Our web will be very close to www.thirdmill.org so keep that in mind on the design of the core logo image/color scheme... Blue/Brown/Green are definitely the 3 color options of choice. Any core image design that is Biblical in nature or connotates a foundational principle (trees/roots/columns) has a good chance. Any way we weave the "heart & mind" idea into it is a bonus. Hope this helps. Thanks to all.
  • Dear CH, Hope you Rate it as much as you like.. so I can know how much there is to improve my design..
  • The concepts by josephope are more in line with what we are thinking. Anything indicating foundational concepts, strength, and longevity is good. Trees are always good in some way. The white heart area bleeding into another open white space below it within the person may need some adjustment but the concept is more in line with our thoughts. We are getting closer for sure. Colors are not so big of a deal yet as we can adjust different versions of those once we semi-settle on a font/image concept which is the difficult part.
  • The "Mission 122" wording in entry #3/4 by Eriyanto is more significant and good. If we can find the "magic image" design for the core logo piece, we are in business. I like the concept of #5 by Fabius but the flower is not in line with the "foundational" ideas that we teach on. Slightly too earthy... The overall concept is pretty good though and if we can create a unique font for the wording and find the right image, the color scheme will be easy. Thanks to all.
  • About #5 Dear Contest Holder, I've composed a simple, immediately evoking image of heart and mind flourishing with the linking use of a violet, a flower close to the christian symbolism. The subject is also serenely and assertively looking forward, and the colors attuned to the tonal layout you indicated. Looking forward to any feedback, thanks.
  • Okay, CH. Will Look after it.. Hope you Rate it as much as you want.. so I can know how much there is to improve about.. ! Regards, TheDK
  • The example I included was simply to show that when we finalize the logo, I will need a PowerPoint background image with a valid header/footer including plenty of white space for content. The initial post by TheDK is good. Color scheme is good. Logo image is a little too large and the wording needs to be a more prominent component of the overall logo image. E Third Millenium use of their wording as part of the logo design is an option. The PPT is actually pretty good in context but a future version would have to remove the black bottom line. The blue color on bottom would design wise be good with a whitewashed version of the eventual logo like the sample PPT post I used as an example.
  • Dear CH, Just submitted a design of your Log & the Color scheme.. Tell me if there are some changes to be made.. Waiting for your comments. Regards, TheDK
  • This is in regards to post #29/30/31 from "josephope". This seems to be the leading design to date. Can you simply remove the white heart space and below and just fill in with the human person imagery color on each design? I like the color options. Green/Brown seem to be the leading candidates and in the end, I need the logo image preferable in a vertical and horizontal version, PMS colors for 2-3 color options and a simple PPT generic background as noted in other posts around the logo concept with a whitewashed version of the logo in the footer and a colored header... Thoughts?
  • Dear CH, Here is the green flat background... Thanks!
  • Dear CH, Here's another version of the logo in brown background flat....
  • Dear CH, Here is the revised version of entry #8 according to the specified colors. Thanks for the comments for the entry and wish you will like my new entry.
  • About #25: Version B, with earthy and more balanced tones.
  • About #24: Dear droberts, I propose to you this "peace archer" concept, where the Christian teaching is symbolized by the flung dove and the Mission 122 organization and its itinerants are represented by the archer, as a figure of dedicated discipline. The arch in the back iconizes the Church. This is version A.
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • The bread and fish iconography makes reference to Jesus' feeding the multitudes, which makes it strong Christian imagery representative of hope, faith, and transformation, without relying on imagery of the cross. The swatches in the bottom right are simply the colors used, and should not be considered part of the design. For the time being I have omitted the tagline, but that can be easily incorporated into the logo, or left separate. I hope that you enjoy the work of all the wonderful designers.
  • Dear CH, Sir please rate my design.I have to know how much there is to improve my design..
  • hello CH about #19#20#21 I tried to design a logo of my own thoughts ... if you like it and want to change the feedback please thanks ^^