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it was a great experience i loved it ,, ghadeer reagards

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Winning design #131 by GAKA, Logo Design for Look 4 school  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

The Logo will be used for an Online Guide for parents & students to search for all local private schools , summer activities  and camp )with their details (dates/information/pricing/...)
(Schools: Private Nurcery,Schools & Universities and also summer programs ,camps )

The name of the Website will be (Look4School and summer fun)

Short name can be l4s and I welcome any suggestions:)

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  • please check #158
  • Please check #157
  • About #137, @GAKA
    thanks for the feedback CH, please review the revision of my back,
    thank you
    best regards
  • No I didint like this one mybe the font (and summer fun ) is nice but still the old design better #137
  • Thank you for your feedback! #148
  • Hi,

    please check my design

    thanks #145
  • Sir please check #139
  • About #137, @GAKA
    dear CH, please comment my design
    thank's .. Best regads
  • About #137, @GAKA
    dear CH, please comment my design
    thank's .. Best regads
  • Hello your design is unique and recognizable ... But I think maby if you Chang the colors and use costm font or unique font maby it would be better and please add the sentence (and summer fun ) to it
    Best regards #90
    • About #90, @g_khajah

      Well CH, Thank you for your comments.
      The wait for the revision of me,

      best regards

  • I like it but the owel look angre don't you think ??? #65
    • @g_khajah i can modify this one sir. In a moment

    • About #65, @g_khajah i can modify this one sir, but the contest got expired. You can count on me on this one sir.

  • Hi. g_khajah

    I try to offer you this logo concept.
    book can mean education, and the owl symbolizes intelligence and owl eyes mean seeing.
    circle on the logo with two colors can be defined as parents and students who love the school environment.

    give me a referral if I am wrong direction or if you have other suggestions.

    Thank's. #129
  • sir kindly give some feedback on dis design so that changes can be made.. #127
  • sdr
    @g_khajah Please check and rate my design... #122 (different color)

    Thank you...
  • sdr
    @g_khajah Please check and rate my designs... #119 #120 #121

    Thank you...
  • Please Check may logo Desigen Thank You #117
  • simple - smart and fun :) hope you like it #99
  • your feedback can make ideas grow #96
  • Dare avo,,
    The short name L4S can you please join them togather more and maybe the number 4 became larger ... Because it's looks only laters no disgn in it
    One more thing can you add and summer fun in away to show it's about look for school and summer activities and programs
    (Look 4 school and summer fun ) #80
    • @g_khajah hello sir, with all due respect, no offense but #80 copied my concept. I used first the owl concept. He just add a cap on it. and also it has the same format as mine. We know that it is not allowed to copy the concept of other designers. Hope you understand the thing sir. :( I'll work as much as possible maintaining my concept and ideas.

    • avo

      @sicnarf The concept of the book, owl, graduation cap is the concept of education / generic .. so no copying concept here .. You should not use cunning way / do not claim to own property ..

  • kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #91