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Winning design #55 by YAD, Logo Design for Looking to create logo for a paintball company Contest
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designed by YAD

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Hello everyone! I am looking to design a logo for my new Paint Ball Company. The company will have 2 fields where people can have paintball matches. The name of the company is Combat Houston and the web domain name is CombatHouston.com... I want it to have a "bad boy" look, maybe a rock n Roll style. Lets see what you guys can come up with.

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  • About #1 Hi What do you think about my entry?..Thanks for feedback
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      pandor {*wrote*}:
      About #1 Hi What do you think about my entry?..Thanks for feedback
      |--| Hello, thanks for the entry...how about something Black and white, maybe with the paintball gun underneathe the name

    • Black and white version #2 and other design #3 a bit easier and more readable

  • #17 #18 hope you like it,and tell me if you need any changes or you have some new ideas about my design work. Thank you :)
    • I can't see your logo anymore ?

    • 17. It's between you and 28.... Please post yours again or any others you may have. I was leaning towards yours

    • i got some trouble, give me few minute, i'm so sorry , i will make again

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      hahahack {*wrote*}:
      i got some trouble, give me few minute, i'm so sorry , i will make again
      |--| Please repost. I saw it there, and then it went away....

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      marcusmstern {*wrote*}:
      Please repost. I saw it there, and then it went away....
      |--| i dont know why,but i can't upload my design,, but if you like my entries and make me win , i'll give you all my design for you :)

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      marcusmstern {*wrote*}:
      Please repost. I saw it there, and then it went away....
      |--| i dont know why ,but i cant upload my last entries,, there are my new #48 #49,, if you like my entries before, i'll make it :)

  • Strange, it won't let me post my designs. Hope I don't get left out after doing all the work.
  • You are not allowed to use existing designs in logo contests. Source: http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/335728/335728,1235734535,6/stock-vector-vector-illustration-paintball-25713346.jpg _ http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/looking-to-create-logo-for-a-paintball-company/entry/17/
  • Hey Guys, thanks for all the great logos.... My favorite ones are number #28 and #17..... I will make a decision by 9:00am central standard time on Sunday.... ( 3 hours before it ends )
  • WOW!!This one is the leader since number 11 and 13 pulled theirs down for some reason.
  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contests. Source:http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/370729/370729,1331806162,2/stock-vector-paintball-player-in-silhouette-97640810.jpg _ http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/looking-to-create-logo-for-a-paintball-company/entry/11/report/
  • I like this one as a second logo... I wonder how I would choose 2 ? This would look great as a sticker. Can you change it to Combathouston.com ?
    • Hi there, you will have the option to purchase any entry in your contest after you have a winner. You will see "buy for 99 dollar" flag on the entries. This is a starting dollar amount and the designer can negotiate this dollar amount with you.

    • Hi CH, thanks. Will do that and the other changes you recommended. Bloom.

  • Everyone here seems to like this one... Can you define the inside a bit more and put maybe the American Flag inside ?
  • #15 is my design. Please reply with your thoughts. Anything can be changed. I'm going to take this logo to the next level!
  • Jason, can we define the center part a bit more ? For example, the center shadow needs an "eye", some gun detail ect, so the eye knows the shadow is what to focus on
  • How does the new #13 look? More to what you were thinking?
    • Yes, it does, but I think I still like number 11 the best.... Can we try one other thing ? Maybe put part, not the whole thing, but part of the Texas flag in the middle, like part of the star ?

    • Were you thinking about the flag in color or keep it simple? And should I take out the skyline?

  • hmm.... Its a little to empty at the top. I really like the bottom part though... Its my favorite so far...
    • you think maybe more of a silhouette of the city instead of an outline?

    • Yes, lets try that

  • Wow, I like this one... How about shrinking it a little bit and trying to ad the Houston Skyline ?
    • Sure thing. Let me get something going and get back to you with a new design.

    • where would you like to see the skyline in the logo?

    • Maybe in the top at the back ?

    • |--|

      marcusmstern {*wrote*}:
      Maybe in the top at the back ?
      |--| Maybe Starting above the "c" in combat and ending at the "t"

  • also take out word houston, make circle camo, and words in black
  • Can you make it camo colors, add a octagon around the man, and put Combat where on top , similar to where a stop on a stop sign would be
  • Can we do these with the Houston Skyline in the back ? ( Please use google images to find what the Houston Skyline looks like )
  • can you switch his gun to a paintball gun , make clothes camo, and take frown and turn upside down