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Amazing design in a very short period! Excellent, hopefully we can work in the future!

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Winning design #66 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Lotus Maids Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

Hi all, I would like to a logo design for my domestic/house cleaning service Lotus Maids. I want LotusMaids to have a very professional feel and a relaxing look to reflect the service we offer (stress-less cleaning services). I would like it to be quite minimal, and obviously experiment with having a cool playful lotus flower outline/picture. I believe I like the look of all the font to be in lower case, but I am very open to any designs which contradict the above!

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  • submitting some new ideas #79 #80 #81 hope you like that thanks
  • GOOD DAY @danny-ta please check and rate my first entry #74 .
    I make the lotus flower as a maid dress.....
    hope you like it .
    feedback appreciated
    god bless
  • Please do not delete(1234567890) #68
  • That's it! I think we are complete. Just going to think about what else, if anything I want to this but I think I'm happy! Well done! #66
    • @danny-ta thanks for the feedback any change needed i will do that also..

  • About #64, @sajid2032 i am little bit confuse you say dark green color for lotus or for flower?
    • @sajid2032 I want the darker green colour for the word "Lotus". Use the dark green colour in the flower for the word. If you see the flower, there are 2 green colours. Use the darker colour for the word "Lotus". Hope this makes sense!

    • @sajid2032 Looks like teal

    • @danny-ta #66 check plz

  • #66 hope you like that dark teal color that i use for the word lotus which is use in the leaves of the lotus flower
  • Use the dark green in the logo, don't use a different colour. #64
  • LM-6

    Yet another LM-3 variation with a rounded simple font, in the blue/pink accent color scheme. #63
  • That's it! Only one thing left, can you change the "Lotus" colour to the darker green, so that the slogan is lighter than the rest. Thank you!! #56
  • LM-5

    Another version of the LM-3 draft with another font option, here shown in a blue and pink accent color scheme. #62
  • This seems to look very good on uniform. Nice and simple so that's a plus! Play around with this, maybe change the font style. #36
    • About #36, @danny-ta Yes, it'd lend itself well to both print and embroidery.
      Here's an updated version with an alternative font: #57

  • LM-4

    Updated version of the LM-3 draft with an alternative, minimal font type. #57
  • About #44, @sajid2032 submitting #55 #56 hope you like that thanks
  • Very nice. I like this look! Don't really like the feather/leaf type of flower, I think the one in design #12 was the best one. Possibly experiment with the "maids" font style. I like that kind of style but doesn't really match my taste at the moment. #53
  • This is amazing and definitely not what I was expecting. I do really like how the lotus flower connects with the text. I'm not sure how you would do it, but I would like the L to be a bit more distinct, and that way you could possibly move the L and the flower to the left of the text making it more in line with the whole logo. Keep it up! #8
    • @danny-ta Thank you for the rating and feedback! I am really glad you like my idea and design. I will make some versions.

    • About #8, @danny-ta
      Here are some new versions of my designs I hope you like them
      #45, #46, #47, #48, #49, #50, #51, #52, #53

  • Excellent, now try this using the font for Lotus shown in #43 for comparison. I think we've got this!! #44
  • Interesting flower. Not sure what I think about this one just yet. #40
  • Also, use this one:
    1) Change the "Maids" to black
    2) Change the slogan to: "The Home You Deserve" #29
  • Interesting! I'm quite attracted to this also. Expand on the flower a bit more, seems a bit too average at the moment #42
  • Very good. I don't like the flower on top of the "M" on this one. Remove it and let's see what happens. Keep it up!! #38