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Winning design #288 by Srikandi, Logo Design for LouisiAnimals - Drink for the Kids Contest
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designed by Srikandi

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UPDATE 6/10/11: Does anyone have the capability to create an image similar to the "tiger roar" image I uploaded today?

UPDATE 5/31/11: I have received some great designs and I appreciate everyone's interest and hard work.After much thought and discussion, we have decided that we want our logo to center around a fleur-de-lis shape created by a crawfish. I will upload an image that I found on the internet that I love (Crawfish & shrimp create fleur-de-lis shape). I don't know who did this image and I obviously can't just steal it exactly, but it is great for inspiration and right along the lines of what we're looking for.We want the crawfish fleur-de-lis to be our logo and we want to use it in conjuction with the brand "LouisiAnimals".

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  • Ref #6 Hello CH, Thank you for your comments. The Pelican was meant to be a repository for drinks as yet to be consumed, although I appreciate what you are saying especially in the light of such sensitive issues. Thank you
  • I like the beer glass idea. Not crazy about the hat on top as it takes away from the fleur de lis. I don't like the tag line "so they can live". Also, there needs to be 2 seperate themes going on. LouisiAnimals is hardcore! Drink for the Kids can be playful.
  • I like the design of this fleur de lis, but it's missing something. Could the center be a beer glass maybe?
  • The pelican is cool, and I like the thought, but all of the stuff in his beak looks like garbage, which is the complete wrong image. Think about saving animals or hardcore animals, definately want to stay FAR away from anything that looks like pollution in animals environment... The louisianimals logo needs to be seperate than drink for the kids as it should be able to be used alone as a merchandise logo. Animals need to be either 1. Hardore (Fierce tiger, etc) or conservation based. Note: A secondary idea with the brand (besides kids) is to promote saving animals in louisiana. (Think pelicans hurt in oil spill, crabs, fish, dolphins, etc.)
  • I like the logo shape, that it looks like a beer label. I don't need extra wording. I need to focus on the LouisiAnimals logo most importantly. (Not spelled correctly btw). The gator is creative, but any animal needs to be hardcore, not drunk and out of shape. Think about the most fierce tiger to ever walk the jungle...
  • Ref Slogan, an after thought..."The Charity Party" , asin a social gathering and an Organisation such as Political.
  • Hello Contest Holder. I have used the preferred colours here, but I would like to produce a design with more modelling in 'full colour', if you like the approach. With regard to a slogan I thought that 'cheers' is both a toast, and your aim is to bring cheer to those in need. So 'Cheers my dears',' Bringing Cheers' came to mind. Thank you.
  • my entry #4 , i used the fleur de lisa as the initial of Louisi Animals... i wish i could get any feed backs from CH... tnx, God Bless... "miss K"
  • Change in Color of the lower point of the Fleur and added a shine to the glass
  • The Band Holding the Beer to the Fleuer states "For The Kids" and ties the Tagline ttogether "So They Can Live"
  • The Band Holding the Beer to the Fleuer states "For The Kids" and ties the Tagline ttogether "So They Can Live"
  • you can not use other companies logo designs in logo contests, design is found here http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_qxyoDHGUaHY/TCz5vh3Xs9I/AAAAAAAABUI/PEc_qNf9k9A/s1600/West+Tigers+logo.gif all design is required to be 100% your own original work This infraction will result in a ban from our site. It is listed in several spots what our site rules and policies are. infraction for http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/louisianimals-drink-for-the-kids/entry/16/report
  • I like this direction and I like the fact that the ribbon looks like a libra symbol. The tiger needs some work however. I uploaded several tiger images that I like.
  • What if the center of the fleur de lis was the handle of a beer tap with the spout pointing toward the viewer?
  • #15 , i put glasses of beer at the center of the fleur, as if they are on the top of table too... hope you can appreciate the changes I've made... any feedback is appreciated... tnx...
  • Hello, This version of the Pelican is bereft of Drinks, but is wearing a Paper Party Hat, in your preferred colours, (not sure if you have those in the States). The strapline has the word 'Party' which can be read as a Noun, a Verb and also an Adjective, each giving a different meaning to the phrase. Thank you
  • #26 and #25 entries.. my brother uploaded his new design...
  • hi ch... already made the revisions you've asked. i made the tiger design inspired from an illustration but it's totally a different design. i would not want future conflicts regarding copyright issues. added claws to balance the tiger from the fleur de lis. hope you'll like it. thank you.
  • Thanks for the revision. I still really like the tiger, but take a look at my example with the circled "A" of LouisiAnimals. I'd like to see the fleur de lis in the middle of the design, maybe really large and in the backgroud with the tiger over the top of it. I also really like the Louisi on the left of it and the Animals on the right, possibly with the "A" incorporated into the middle. You're on the right track. See what you can do. Thanks! BTW, did you design the tiger design from scratch or did you import it from somewhere? Just curious.
  • I really like this and you're one of the only person who actually followed the example. I do however want to see the fleur de lis and some sort of tiger reference included in the logo. See what you can do.