Lucky Pickle Luncheonette

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Winning design #446 by 2jonathandane, Logo Design for Lucky Pickle Luncheonette Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 2jonathandane

Project description

We are looking for a logo for a new independent restaurant called "Lucky Pickle Luncheonette"  and would like the location, "Valle Crucis, NC", added somewhere on there as well.  Not really looking for a cartoony-looking pickle, we are in a small artsy and funky area.  Vintage-style graphics and fonts would fit our community better than anything more sleek or modern.  Thank you for your time.  

*EDIT*  We do prefer there to be an actual pickle on the logo, either a drawing or a personification, we just don't want it too kiddie-looking.  

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  • Please check this entry. #460
  • Please check this entry and give me your valuable feedback. #459
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  • Your rating is appreciated. Thank you! #454
  • I like the simpler color scheme in the previous submission a bit more, but it doesn't have as much pop, so I've made a refined version of my original color scheme also in case you prefer that. I suppose both could be used depending on the situation. #446
    • @2jonathandane I agree that this one stands out the best. I like the monochrome options too, there will certainly be times I would use them for printing. This is my first design contest, do you know if I would get mono options of #446 as part of the package or if it is considered another entry and therefore not part of the deal?

  • Hi, I have tried this vintage look and feel. The pickles are a complete vector artwork and can be used for the print purpose as well. Hope you like it. #452
  • I've refined it some. It's more compact and translates better to a monochrome logo now. I also simplified the color scheme and included a background pattern for added interest. #445
  • Hi there CH thanks for the comments I appreciate it...i do what you requested,,about the changes of the design I upload it later. thanks
  • good eats #442
  • Can you try removing the fork, and enlarging the pickle, while laying if flat horizontally please? #186
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  • About #440, @ThemesClouds


    Hope you are doing Great

    Kindly Check the design and let me know any changes

    Thank you
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  • vintage style logo with the pickle in the shape of a lucky horseshoe replacing the letter u. #426
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