M & M Machinery Services

The vast amount of talent is impressive, the creativity is excellent. The cost is affordable, the time frame is highly workable. There seems to be some minor issues with translations and people understanding briefs, but communications are eventually worked out. This would be the only down side of the process, minor language/translations barriers. I am very satisfied with the artist I awarded the work to-he has been highly creative, helpful and informative.


$375 paid

612 custom designs

155pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #460 by SobakaPavlova, Logo Design for M & M Machinery Services  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SobakaPavlova

Project description


We have restarted this contest

We were unable to select a winner, as we have not found a logo we want.

DO NOT GET LOCKED INTO THE GEAR AND WATER DROP, it's not working for us in what we have seen.  It's all too clever, too overworked, too complicated.

We want to see simple, clean lines, using M & M as its own logo.  Please bring us the design, we will happily end this and reward the money, we are ready to proceed.

USE ANY COLOR.  Make it clean, and identifiable.

I know there is great talent here, please bring us our brand.

Need logo for branding, biz cards, POS mats.

We do service in the beverage filling industry-we work on machines that put  water, soda, energy drinks, cocktails and beer into bottles and cans.

We are thinking something simple in design, perhaps using the two M's and a drop of liquid, somehow worked into the design.  Or surprise us.

We do not care for computo-mechanized fonts- we are not software folks.  We prefer to use the "&" sign, but use a smaller font size on the "&" between the two Ms. 

We are a professional machinery company, so nothing too outlandishly artistically conceptual.  We like solid, simple but clever.

No gymnasium or barbell logos or roof top logos- we keep getting those from the computer generated sites. 

We have extended this contest because we feel that we were very focused on the droplet and certain colors and we feel we may have been a bit to constrictive to you folks.  Show us whatever you want.  We have left the ones we liked best, but show us whatever comes to you.

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  • Simple and Attractive logo... #611
  • Let me know. I can easily change color as you desire. #610
  • A drop, A Mountain with snow turning to clear blue water. Color can easily be changed. #609
  • Beverage Bubbles with a Subliminal Smile. #608
  • Beverage Bubble with a Subliminal Smile. #607
  • Kindly view latest updates. #604
  • A clean brand that has versatile qualities for a timeless design. It's clear and bold enough. It's visible even when is put into the lowest scale. It has vivid colours that pop up. This brand will definitely work 100%. #604
  • Brand design on business card. #603
  • Logo shown with colour on white background and without colour on navy blue colour. #601
  • Brand logo design option in three colours. #600
  • Brand design in black and white: This is mostly used in places where colour isn't necessary. Such as in fax machines and copiers. #598
  • clean #596
  • Please feedback,,thanks #587
  • Please feedback,,thanks #586
  • This is the logo of MACHINERY SERVICES, please feedback,,thanks #585
  • bold and strong but still fresh look logo... Thank you... #562
  • Aa3
    - Machinery Services -

    Please feedback my design
    Thank you so much

    Kind regards

    Aa3 #561
  • NICE #557
  • NICE #556
  • @lou353
    Please find my entry #554, #555, feedback and ratings greatly appreciated