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I had a great experience. I had to extend my contest for a week because I was not in love with any of my initial designs, but a design came along at the end, and i was very happy!

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Winning design #318 by maxx, Logo Design for M. Burns Law Firm, PLLC Contest
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designed by maxx

Project description

OK. I have extended this contest one more week. I definitely have some favorites and I am going to do more eliminating this week... Let's try some logos that aren't related to my initials. Maybe something creative and cool on its own. My initials were just something I was thinking of. Also, if you notice, almost all of the designs are blue. Let's punch it up with some different colors. Maybe a green or bright red color. Just a thought. My business is an Estate Planning Law Firm. I have worked on a branding message as well: "Protecting Your Legacy" I If I have a cool logo, then we can just write the firm name under the logo or beside the logo. I am not artistic at all, so I can't even imagine what I want a logo to look like. I would like to be able to incorporate it on my website and business cards.

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  • I think this one is a little too busy. I want to be able to incorporate it on my business cards, letter head, etc.
  • I think this one is too busy. It is hard to tell that those letters are an M & B...
  • I like the clean way this one looks.
  • I like this design! I should say "Protecting Your Legacy"
  • Hi again. I tried a little more abstract representation of MB in #52 ... something totally different. #53 is also different ... there is a shadow of an oak tree in the background ... designed to reinforce the "legacy" concept. Thanks for all the feedback!!
  • I like this one and the way it looks like pillars, but I am not sure I like the way the M looks. It might need a bit of tweaking!
  • Hi CH, Please check on my entry #30 I hope you like it Thank you
  • Hi! #43 is a revision of #15 with a more narrow M: agreed -- it looks better. Still toying with some other ideas. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Hi Ch, #34 and #35 I explored for more and here are new ideas; M as a pillar and B. I used new color scheme combined with the previous one. Thanks for the feedback so far and I`d like to hear more from you.
  • Dear CH, I just submitted #32...... thank you, DM
  • It should read M. Burns Law Firm, not Law Firm. I like this design, but it is a lot like others that have been put forward. Maybe something different?
  • This one is really growing on me. I think the M is too wide. Do you think it would look better if it were a little more narrow? Just a thought.
  • Dear CH - Thank you for your comments, I decided to remove the box and maintain the simple feel of the logo and went with a straight MB. Please let me know what you think,
  • Dear CH, Now please tell me your choice about font I mean, which one font style (Serif or Sans-Serif) you would prefer to write "M. Burn Law Firm, PLCC"?
  • Thank you for your comments, and I will also work on MB.
  • About #25 This is your own choice that what you prefer more? MB or MMB. I am just a designer ready to work on demand. I do like what you like. Regards IndiaFX
  • I think I prefer MB over MMB on the shield. I like the protection and shield theme. Looks good.
  • I like the color and the Text, but I am not wild about that box with mb. On the right track though!
  • I like this one. It looks stronger than your others!
  • Hi there CH, Thanks for the ratings, and thanks also to the designer who suggest better direction. Here`s minor revisions and new submission that pretty much done in same concept. Kindly consider my design, Thanks.