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Winning design #73 by alvinnavarra, Logo Design for Mace Fitness Contest
Gold Medal

designed by alvinnavarra

Project description

Strong , Powerful but not intimidating. Represents longevity Simple and tight. I would like to see a mace club/bell blended in with the font. But feel free to use your imaginations.

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  • Hey mate, Could you please make the actual mace in this image silver. Regards, Jake.
  • Hey mate, could you please make the logo with the MACE being silver and the FITNESS being red? I would like to see what that looks like. As well as making the A in the MACE more round on the edges. But only the A. Regards, Jake
  • Hye Jake, i'm sorry guess i forgot to read the brief properly, i'll add another design with the color scheme you asked and change the M
  • Interesting concept, but can you please remove the bell.. I was thinking something more along the lines of the actual mace weapon/equipment piece.. Just remove the bell for now and let's see.. I like how you integrated the 'e' with the mace. Nice work
  • Hi there, thanks for your design. It has got potential, but try to follow the colour scheme I requested (red, silver and black). Also, I'm not very keen on the 'M'. Try to make the logo a little 'tougher'..
  • ch, I sent for this logo design with a combination of symbols and bell mace club, where most of the use of negative space of the letter. it is the initial concept, I will revise and improve the feedback you give. thanks, luke62
  • My first design #1 if you like it i can come up with some variations if you don't i can try some other designs.
  • Hi Laura, Good question. I would like to avoid spikes on the mace as it can come across as a little intimidating. I was thinking something more along the lines of the pictures below.. You can decide which one you prefer to sketch.. They are all viable options.. A little tip, try not to make the mace too specific.. Subtle is the key.. Below are the images I had in mind- Good luck!
  • Lau
    Hello Jake, a question: are the mace club like the wood indian or the metal with spikes? Laura
  • Hey guys, For those of you that don't know what a mace club is please look it up on Wikipedia. It is basically an ancient weapon used for battle. Also known as the oldest weapon in history. These days it is used by the fitness world as an effective strength and conditioning tool. Looking forward to seeing your designs, Jake.
  • About #47: This is my first entry. I took your company name and made mace large and put fitness underneath it in smaller letters. Then I made a swoosh in the red that swoops around the sides of it and directly in the middle I made a mace then placed it in the back. I added highlights to wording & the mace to make them pop out. Then I copied the whole thing and turned it one color and made it into and light shadow then place it behind the whole design. Hope you like and if you would like any thing changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • as requested.... #42.... "mace bars the same thickness from top to bottom (not bottom to top). round tip at the top end" #43.... black version of #33 Best regards, Alvinnavarra
  • Lau
    #40 #41 Hello Jake, here is a different approach, where the "swoosh" is the movement of the mace (and sound also, I imagine, from the videos I saw in my research) if you would like a different font or any changes let me know. Thank you, Laura.
  • Nice one. Lets make the C normal without the spikes or mace outline. And see if you can include a slightly faded round macebell in the background (in black). Regards, Jake.
  • Nice design. Can you make the ball of the mace round without the spikes, and leave one bar (the bottom right bar). Can you also change the word mace from rainbow shaped to straight/horizontal. Regards, Jake.
  • Could you do this for the black one as well? Cheers
  • Fantastic! Now could you please make the mace bars the same thickness from top to bottom (not bottom to top). But leave the round tip at the top end. Any questions regarding this please let me know. Regards, Jake.
  • Hi jakemoller, here is my revision of #28.... silver text : #33 Best regards, Alvin Navarra
  • I like the changes you made. Could you please make one with the black letters in silver. Regards, Jake.
  • thank you for your feedback #32improve the design of the symbol image mace. thanks, luke62