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Winning design #274 by lyndeemarie, Logo Design for Mad Scientist Spirits, Inc Logo Contest
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designed by lyndeemarie

Project description

We want a logo design to represent Mad Scientist Spirits, Inc. Mad Scientist Spirits is a craft distiller of fine spirits. As a chemist I want something that represents the beauty and elegance of chemistry. We want to use the logo on merchandise, labels and packaging. Mad Scientist Spirits, Inc. is located in Raleigh, North Carolina near Research Triangle Park, NC.

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  • Dear CH, I have just submitted a new entry, #65, I was really trying to bring together spirits, chemistry and the concept of a mad scientist, I hope you like. Feedback is appreciated!! Thanks!! -manders
  • About #63 Thanks for the feedback. I revised to black. Just let me know if you would like to see any additional colors or revisions. Thanks so much, PaintedPony
  • Can you change the Teal to black? Very clever.
  • Looks good, but could you remove the bottom line?
  • Looks great.
  • Mad Scientist, Designs #55 and #56 are my newest concepts. With these designs I decided to use a flask instead of the chemical structure. I used the same color scheme as in my previous designs, but changed the color of the liquid between each concept. If you have any requests please feel free to ask! Sincerely, Marleighna Claunch Claunch Design Studio
  • About #54 Hi madscientistspi~ I created a logo for your consideration that features an upside down beaker as a liquor glass. Hope you like the concept. Cheers! PaintedPony
  • I appreciate your feedback on #3, I have added #52 and #53 in a couple of different colors. I am also working on something altogether different. Thanks!
  • Hi Mad Scientist, I have also submitted #47 which can work on a dark background too #49. Cheers and have a mad weekend! Liz
  • Dear Mad Scientist, thanks for your feedback, here are the designs with the changes made... #43 and #44. Let me know if you would like to try anything else. Cheers, Liz
  • Hello again, madscientist. I removed the carbocycle and updated the structure from #1 to create a very simple design in #34. I also took that one step further and made a flask for each element: the color version is #40, and a minimal approach, #41. Thank you, polyesterdress
  • Mad Scientist, Designs #38 and #39 are my first concepts for you company logo. I decided to use a chemical structure to create a bunch of grapes in both of these designs. Design #38 uses a 3D structure while design #39 has a more simple approach. I decided to go with red, green, and black for the colors in order to communicate this concept further. If you would like to see any revisions please let me know! Sincerely, Marleighna Claunch Claunch Design Studio
  • Madscientistspi, your criticism on my entry (#37) would be appreciated. Colors and font are adjustable to your liking. Thank you.
  • I like the flask usage on the M. The maroon reminds me of wine rather than spirits.
  • Very nice. I think you are on the right track with this one.
  • Clever idea. I like it.
  • I'm not sure I like the Inc. after you added it. How about making the Spirits maroon or dark red.
  • I like the color choice on your two designs. Is there a way to make the Inc. a little smaller?
  • #24 #25 #26 - Thought i would submit something a little different from the current submissions. A Periodic Table Element. It will work in most colours and backgrounds. The digits on the bottom (standard atomic weight) would be your zip code, maybe the first location of the first sprit you have produced, and the number of bottles it made (number in the bracket). Will also look great on bottles, letter heads, wooden creates, standalone adverts and much more
  • My first entries may not be the direction you're going but I needed to flush them out- figured you might as well see them. Please let me know if '#21' is closer to your vision.