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We are in need of branding our product platform. There are many things our platform does that are not yet included in our website ( Feel free to look at our site, but the information below should be used to design a logo of our new branded platform. 

At the most basic level, consider the biggest challenge a franchisor faces -- franchisees who don't follow the model. They provide 2/3 weeks of training to a new franchisee, the franchisee retains 20% of what they learned and the franchisee goes home to train his managers, supervisors and staff. It's the whole telephone game, right? 

With our platform, we automate this entire process for all aspects of the franchise business that is repeatable and replicable by plugging all those required staff activities, customer engagement activities & unit economic measurements into our operations engine. That engine sits on top of our data warehouse, which is a single unified 2-way sync'd source of all the systems that normally don't talk with one another, and orchestrates the entire business -- automating 85% to 90% of the entire business.

It is all about coordinating and work flowing activities until someone or something gets completed.

We have found the best way to understand what the platform is in a nutshell is through an analogy, it is through this analogy that we created the name of the platform. 

Imagine small businesses performing on the “stage” for their customers. Each system or department of that business is represented by a musical instrument and the staff is represented by members of the orchestra. What happens when the lovely the orchestra begins to play? Without a conductor the orchestra doesn't know what song to play, what tempo to keep… this results in the everyday chaos of business life. Our platform acts as the conductor (Maestro) between those systems that don’t walk to one another and their staff members to help keep everyone playing the correct song and the correct cadence.

Our platform is going to be sold by partners who package our platform into a specific service. So it will be the name of their service powered by Maestro.

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