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Project description

I am a magician. I am looking for a logo that incorporates the following; - My name, highlighting my initials; Dom Chambers (DC) - The line 'Magician. And Entertaining Guy.' - Would be great to get a BASIC cartoon version of me as part of it. Does not need to be extremely detailed.There is a photo of myself at the start of this video which may also provide you with an idea about me and the magic I do. I do not want anything magic related in this logo. NO Top hats, wands, rabbits, etc. A playing card(s) is an exception but is not essential. WIll leave everything else up to you - colours, shapes, lines! Be creative :) Looking forward to seeing what you talented people come up with!

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  • Can I have the subtitle written like this; .Magician. & Entertaining Guy. Note the fullstops.
  • Yes, my name is Dom. After looking at the entries so far, I am leaning towards the ones without a cartoon. So I do not necessarily need a cartoon.
  • Is it possible to lift the dots higher. So they lie under the writing. Also can you add a full stop after the word Magician. I currently prefer the white background but this looks great.
  • Thanks for your efforts. Really appreciate your help :)
  • Contest Holder, I have enclosed #6 and #7 that I have designed. Feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you.
  • I wanted to double check, your name is DOM, not DON according the name I see in the brief? Thanks.
  • Dear Dom, here are my design artworks:#58,#59, #60 and #61. I hope you like them. Best regards, Reni
  • My New Design #50 Please appreciate me through rating and comments
  • Hello CH. I submitted #47. I hope you like the simplicity of the initials as the logo. I would appreciate feedback. Best Regards
  • Dear CH, #44 edited with .Magician. & Entertaining Guy. and new color vision
  • Mine is #35. I could use another picture of you if you like. I can also work with more or less detail, according to your taste. Thank you.
  • HI Project Holder, We have uploaded the Logo design as per the brief provided. My entry #68 Please let us know your feedback. Regards, Premiumlogo
  • My first entry #62, Feedback is appreciated, hope you like it :)
  • Dear Dom: This is my design #99 . The logo is to represent a playing card. As you can see the card has the same read forwards and backwards trying to portray as a visual trick. Your name's initials are DC and designed using the same letter for both cases with the particularity that only turns to be read. Think the logo type itself can be used the same way as business card. Thanks for any feedback. KIND REGARDS
  • Dear Dom, Please accept my #97 design. Any feedback would be appreciated. Hope you like it. Best Regards, pb16
  • Hi CH, This is my first entry, #65 hope you like it..your feedback is much appreciated:)
  • #95 hai CH its my concept.. initial your name 'dc' with creative line designs.. any feedback?
  • Hi, Here is my design #94 I made an animation of the logo, Download here => I hope you like
  • Dear Concest Holder dom1, thanks for the oportunity of working with you. I'm here to talking about my design proposals based in one concept, that i created after read the briefing. Its about the design number: #77 , #78 #79 , #81 and #81 . Dear CH, in the 77 logo, i represent an MASK from the teatre, and the mistery, behind the mask and with the simbol of the spades , it shows in a hide way an face of a man/woman. It also represents side curtains (shaped triagular) the stage in white in the middle (square shaped) , the STAGE and the Curtains. Then, while i was working i created another concepts. I did not think in colours sincerelly the mistery, and the black i think that is the most apropriate. For now that's all, hope you like. I look forward for the opportunity to improve my work to your satisfaction. Best regards, João&Cristina Miller .
  • About #75 Hi CH, Here is my logo proposal for you. Hope you like it, and like the colors and the effect on the cards. Give me your feedback please. Best regards, ricardofmcosta