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Project description

Magnolia Dental is a General Dentistry office. We are proud to be able to provide great quality and perform all dental procedures including crowns, implants, orthodontics, and sedation dentistry. We are looking for a fresh and inviting design. A 2 color design is probably best for simplicity. We want it to feel gentle but confident. We were thinking of blue or green tones because those feel serene, but we are definitely open to other options. At the moment, we think incorporating a clean flower design (abstractly or concretely) and/or tooth may be nice, but again, we are open to everything. You can also play around with a letterform design. We trust your expertise. We really love to see your creativity!

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  • I think I am leaning towards your blue color scheme more than the green. Can we try the symbol on the left side of the words instead of up top?
    • Hello CH. I changed the word "Dental" size. And I placed the symbol on the left side #10 of the words. Thank you for feedback. If you need to change something else, just tell me.

    • I like it to the side like this better. Can I see this in another font? Perhaps, something more straight/clean? Also, can I see the flower white with a blue lines like how it is in the green design of #1? I would also remove the line between logo and words. Thank you!

    • I done all the changes you asked me. I removed the line between logo and words, I changed the font into more straight and you can see the white flower like in a first design #28. Thanks for feedback.

  • I like the left justified font. The font is also nice and strong feeling. I am not sure of the icon, though...
    • Dear CH, Thank you for your feedback. Taking into account your comments I made 2 slightly revised versions of #8 and #9. Please check #14. Best, Sandykam

    • We appreciate the revision. I am worried that the icon looks too much like a broken tooth, and "broken" has a negative feeling. I like the abstract idea you were going for though.

  • I like the idea of clean lines, but these are too pointed. I would remove the red color.
  • I like the idea of a square, but overall, this is a bit too dark.
  • I like the simplicity and the color scheme. It is slightly not personal feeling, I am not sure how I would change it.
  • Thank you for your effort. The black background is too aggressive. The font is a bit jaggard. This has a bit of a Medieval feel which is a bit uninviting. I apologize if I sound harsh, we really appreciate your work.
  • I like the direction you are going with flower and the subtle teeth. Could the word "Dental" be larger?
  • I like how clean the design is. Perhaps, the word Magnolia should also be in color. It recedes a bit when in grey.
    • I am an experience designer,i would love to show you more colors and options at this time but the site does not allow me to upload more than 3 designs.

    • Sorry, I am new to the website and I didn't know the limitations. Would it help if I eliminated the other 2 designs? Does it allow you to submit more then or is it a flat 3 period?

    • To receive more designs you have to rate the design to 30+points. This will allow me and some others users to send more entries.

    • Oh, thank you for the information. Sorry we have been so swamped and I did not have a chance to reply earlier.

  • I think the design in blue is more eye catching than the grey, but the outline of the tooth needs to be sharper. I don't think we like the word Dental being spaced apart like that. Perhaps, a different font?
    • hello ch, thanks for your comment. I will upload later the revise design..god bless..

  • It has a nice gentle feeling. I am unsure of the tooth design.
  • I like how you tried to incorporate a flower design in the teeth, but, I think if it were simplified it would be better.
  • I like that you tried to explore a square design, however, I think the tooth needs to be cleaner/simplified.
  • For entries #11-13, your design has a lovely high tech feel to them. I think we are looking for something a bit warmer. It may be the font/lines are too thick/bold.
  • Sorry, changed this comment so that it was under the other conversation for easier reading flow.
  • I think I like your #4 design better.
  • I like the idea of contrasts, but this would be better simplified.
  • I really like the simplicity and abstract nature of the tooth. I like to see it the left of the words instead of on top because I am trying to imagine it on our store front. The word Dental should be larger to let people know immediately what we do.
  • This logo is really cute and sweet. I see it being perfect if we were a pediatric dentistry office.
  • I like the neutral font. I would change the sizing so that the words Magnolia and Dental are more equal. The tooth design is a bit too large out of proportion.
  • I like the neutral font. Perhaps not italicized. I am unsure about the tooth design.