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Winning design #25 by paracetamor, Logo Design for Mailbox Baseball Productions / Someone Buy Us Beer Films / Hot For Teacher Films / Shop Class Films  Contest
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designed by paracetamor

Project description

Please pick one of the following 5 production company names and create a brand logo that will be displayed before the film plays... we like each of the 5 names equally, so whichever gives you the most inspiration, please design for that. The common thread is that each brand name is related to high school as the production company will only be making high school comedy films. Please select one of the following production company names to inspire the logo (name should be included in logo):

- Mailbox Baseball Productions

- Someone Buy Us Beer Films

- Hot For Teacher Films

- Shop Class Productions

- Flunking Chemistry Films

The logo should not be a self contained little logo like an app or brand logo, rather, imagine it on a movie theater sized screen... there can be a lot going on in it or it can be very simple... but there is no need to make the image and words all in one contained little shape. 

Whichever production company name you chose to design for, please make the logo relate to that name. For instance, flunking chemistry could have a beaker on fire with a burned/dazed looking kid behind it or maybe with his sleeve on fire, mailbox baseball could be a kid hanging out a car window hitting a mailbox with a bat and mail exploding everywhere (company name written on the bent mailbox), shop class could have a kid smoking a cig and lighting it with a blow torch or maybe accidentally sawing his thumb off, hot for teacher could be a really hot silhouette of a teacher handing back a test with lipstick marks on it, someone buy us beer could be written on a six pack of beer with empty solo cups and beer pong balls lying around it... These are all just ideas, but the logo just really needs to make us think of high school kids messing around and getting into no good. 

Also, these logos should remind us of both high school and be funny if possible. They are going in front of exclusively high school comedies. Also, they need not be self contained logo's, we're looking for more of a comic strip type image with a logo at the center of the idea. 

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  • This is really really well done. Is there way to get the company name written on the mailbox? #33
  • This is great. Can the blue liquid be spilling out? Maybe the beaker is cracked? #34
  • This is great, can the company name be on the mailbox and the letters flying out look a bit less fake? #29
  • Here is my logo concept for the "Flunking Chemistry" name. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes or modification. Thanks! #30
  • This is great! just so we can see it, could the mail box be banged up a bit more (like it has been hit before)... and maybe one where the mail is exploding out of it like it was just hit? This is very close! #25
  • This is perfect, but for copy right reasons we can't directly use the reference photo... #24
  • Interesting and cool take on the image but it needs to say "high school" and "comedy" more than just a cool way to put the words on the screen. Think "comic strip image" rather than "logo." Maybe a kid with his sleeve on fire in front of a beaker? #23
  • Funny face and great design, but a bit too sparse and simple. It is hard to tell that thing is a burned face rather than a flame coming from the beaker. #21
  • A little too simplistic and doesn't really say "high school." We're looking for more of a comic strip type image rather than just a simple clean logo. #20
  • Step in the right direction for sure, but it feels very bland and self contained. Think comic strip image rather than brand logo... we want the name on a case of beers that is surrounded by party debris... make it fun, make it look like a wild party happened the night before and our brand was at the center of it. #18
  • This feels very sporty and not high school kid screwing around. We want to see a kid hanging out a car window smashing a mailbox that says our name... think more comic strip image rather than self contained logo. #17
  • This is the best one yet that follows the prompt. I would love to see a bit more of the person hitting the mailbox...right now all you see is arms and it's not obvious he is a kid or that he is driving by in a car. #15
    • About #15, @will_phelps Great, thanks! I'll work on that.

  • This still feels like a baseball logo with just a mailbox... we would love for it to be more fun and really just a kid screwing around with a bat, smashing a mailbox as he drives by in a car... think less brand logo and more comic strip image.

  • Feels very bland and like a movie poster?

    It should feel more high school and more submersive.. maybe the name written on a six pack of beer that is surrounded by a few empty solo cups and beer pong balls? #12
  • Logo is very self contained which we do not want, it can take up the full screen and have many pieces.

    Also, this is very confusing to see what it even is. A bloody bat with the entire square being the mailbox?

    Doesn't feel high school or comedy per the prompt. It should be a kid leaning out a car window smashing the mailbox with a bat as they drive by. #10
  • I like using a beaker in the logo, but other than that it is just text. The entire design should be more immersive, not just a logo more going on... this doesn't remind me of high school.
  • Pretty clean, but feels too much like breaking bad. Also nothing in this design reflects comedy or high school. #3
  • Very clever with the mailbox logo shape... however, since this is a film logo - it need not be so contained... the image can have a bit more going on. Also, instead of batter with helmet, thing "high school kids messing around" not "sports" - we're looking for a kid hanging out a car window smashing the mailbox (possibly mail exploding out) and the company name written on the bent mailbox. #5
    • Ok.Thanks for your feedback. I will to make it better.

  • Same note as on the other one, more going on (Kid in background looking burned, etc) I do like the actual image being bigger and centered here though. #7
  • Very clean look - this is more like an app logo in my mind. Since we are looking for a big film logo there can be a bit more going on. Maybe a kid in the background with goggles looking burned/dazed? Just think high school kids up to no good. #6