It work great. It meet a budget and had a large selection of designs to choose from. Not all designers are created equal and Design Contest allows you to take many designers for a test drive before committing.

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Winning design #28 by arietta, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by arietta

Project description

We need a logo for a new venture We will be selling candy and be marketing mainly online.

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  • This looks very busy to me. Way to much going on.
    • What if We change the letter and the @ to one colour Line pink or blue?

  • Too feminine for me.
    • Thanks for feedback, please check my new entri #10 Thanks CH

  • Weak colors and the footprint is too long.
  • Little too much color for me in the text. Needs to be tighten up.
  • Hi, I've submitted design #7 and i hope you like it. Please let me know if you do, or if you want any changes:) I would do it with pleasure:) //Victor
  • Hi there CH! Can you provide us what you want to see in the logo or just the feel of it? Thanks!
  • Here is the Best Mix of Mail & Candy! Check this out #23 I Hope you like !
  • I like this but it is too long and I would like to have a smaller foot print. I like the type face in #2 and I would like to see the image over the the top of the text.
    • Thank you for feedback. I am gonna try my Best :) //Victor

  • Hi, Please see my designs #20 and #21. Let me know of any feedback you may have. Thanx!
  • I like it just a little to casual. Typeface and image twist wraps are loose.
  • Like this a lot just think it needs a twisted lined wrap image leading the ball.
  • Feels victorian. The balloon is not working.
  • Hi CH, Here is my design for you #18 I hope you like! If you want any changes, tell me !
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      Airb0rn {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH, Here is my design for you #18 I hope you like! If you want any changes, tell me !
      |--| It is not working for me. Sorry

  • Hi again, I've submitted a new design #17 and i hope it is what you are looking for:) Please feedback, and tell me if you want something else:) //Victor
  • Hey, I've submitted a new design (again) #25. Please let me know if you like it. I hope it is what you are looking for. Just tell me if you want me to change anything:) //Victor
  • Hi there kentkeating To choose a winner you will need to click on the trophy icon on left upper corner of entry you want as winner. This will close the contest to all except you and winning designer. After you have a winner you will se a blue download source file button, that button takes you to the finalization area where you can work with your winniner on changes you need or want for 7 more days. These articles will help guide you Thank you
  • I like your logo design best. This is my first time using Design Contest. Where do we go from here?
  • GJR
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