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We'd like to have a logo created for a new email focused startup. The logo should capture a few key concepts and themes: Concepts: Email meets Workflow meets Task Management Themes: Simplicity web2.0ish

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  • how about some examples with a mailbox with flow arrows of some kind flowing in or out?
  • #19 I like the idea of having a character / icon in the paper airplane, but that specific idea is already taken by sparrow mail app. Any other ideas for a character / icon other than an envelope or paper airplane?
  • #18 I like the use of arrows, not my favorite envelope icon or font treatment.
  • Could someone take a stab at something like this Perhaps Mail on top, Flow on the bottom, with rounded arrows showing the "flow" from the word mail to flow in a circle?
  • #1 - I think taking the M in the envelope idea from gmail won't work.
  • Would be great if the logo worked with the current website - but this site and it's color scheme / design are only temporary
  • Dear conntest holder please give me some feedback for my entry #101,thank you in advance! Damir
  • please, try not to use this kind of a background. This is a logo contest, so post your logo in 2-d format :)
  • dear CH, #132 is my second entry for you, hope you like i, thx.
  • Dear mailflow i submit many options of colors and fonts. Any changes or options please request. Best regards
  • Dear CH thanks for your feedback I will work to submit some proposals for colors and fonts. Best regards
  • Love the icon, can you play around with some different fonts / colors? Not crazy about the vertical line separating the icon from text. Needs to work embroidered on a shirt.
  • My apologies about entry #106, it was wrong file to upload. I'm asking for it to be removed.
  • dear CH, #102 is my first entry, need your feedback...thx
  • Dear CH thanks for your feedback I apologize for the delay but yesterday I had to leave. i made the changes like you request for my entrie #29. See my entries #98 #99 and #100, any change please request. Best regards
  • Dear CH, Added #93 idea: 2 directional arrows forming the envelope. Waiting for your feedback, Regards,
  • change the font away from that rounded text and lose the star
  • Dear contest holder, I submitted #66 and#63. Waiting for your feedback. Regards,
  • Still not quite right....
  • Can you try putting the envelopes only on the crest / right side of the wave? see entry 38.