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Majestic Homes Real Estate got a new identity ,thanks for the wonderful and co-operative team of design contest.the designer was very helpful and very professional.everything was delivered on time and the communication was just perfect.thank you design contest :)

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Winning design #187 by DanaGraphics, Logo Design for Majestic Homes Real Estate Contest
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designed by DanaGraphics

Project description

This real estate has been operational in dubai (U.A.E)since looking for a brand new & catchy logo which describes the word Majestic Homes as being grand & royal .the Name Majestic Homes should give a complete new meaning (NO WINDOWS & HOUSE LOGOS PLEASE,NO TYPICAL LOGOS)that Majestic Homes Real Estate stands for its self. for instance M in grand letters followed by some very nice colors.please note we will be using the same logo in websites like etc for lisitngs our properties .beside our logo. potential clients should be spell bound be the colors in it and be tempted to click on the name to see the listed properties that how i expect the logo to be,not very fancy but more of detailed work. the same i will use on business cards e banners etc.please designers make it the best logo ever.the name has to be very visible.the initial letterS needs to stand out.out of box thinking required,any colour scheme. DEAR DESGINERS ,PLEASE BEAR IN MIND ,THE NAME IS MAJESTIC HOMES,NOT MAJESTIC.I WOULD WANT MORE BRIGHT COLOURS PLEASE.

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  • hi.the design is good.just need to work on he color scheme. see what else can u do with the name majestic,limited color scheme is not a restriction.royal colors like gold and black or silver etc can be used.
  • you want the whole name inserted in the logo or just the "M"?
    • the whole name. please click on websites like and then search for property listings of real estate in rent tab .to give u an idea. good luck.

  • try to design the letters m and h in a more clever way.keep it simple and trendy.
    • #63 and #71 submitted. M and h letters incorporated in the logo

    • Could you please eliminate my entries? Thanks .

  • i like the font a lot.i like the design,could you give me more options for the crown,slightly bigger.please send me more colour schemes ,something bright is too dark.i am looking for a fresh approach.
    • Thanks for the compliments. I will on this matter, Best Regards.

    • CH, #73 #58 I tried modifying the font from previous since the previous one looks like a graffiti crown. 2nd I also tried several colors into a single design since I am limited to how many designs I could submit. Sorry If it looks crowded. My sincere apologies

  • this is good.different colours please,if you could.also,i do want to see something similar to what you did for conservation .that multi coloured theme you used on white as background is nice.give me options on it.
  • hi i was going through your profile and liked the job you did for conservstion careers and transfusion.the multi colours scheme you have used is something that i am looking for,could you create something like that for me. thanks
    • Hi, thank you for your feedback! I am working on brighter colors for you and I will post soon as possible. :)

    • thanks.

  • i really really like this,give me more colour schemes.bright and fresh please.
  • here is my last submission,#57... awaiting feedbacks... regards
  • no black please,
  • no more black please
  • M and H have to be clear to be can use more than one colour .i do like green ,add a contrast colour,and the font ,you could also use a pic of something whcih defines royal and majestic ,like a lion or if something else you could think of.
  • hi could you get me more fresh and vibrant colours and the name is majestic could use M and H as capital.u could make a logo of something whihc represents majestic,like a lion.i want more colours please.bright and fresh.
  • hi sajid, i am looking for a very simple design,the colours are too dark,i want fresh,bri,ght colours.the name is majestic homes
  • this is not something we are looking for.i am looking for a design which sets a trend,not typical.
    • thanks for the feedback will work on another logo and upload it soon...

  • please comment on #47,feel free to make comments on the pros and cons of the design... thanks
  • the name is fine,do something with the colour black please.more is way too bright.tone it downa bit please.thanks.more font if you could do that please
  • hi,this is a good job done.give me more options with the colours and the font please.i want you to do the full name ,Majestic homes.M and H could be capital.i want to see bright clours has to give a fresh look,we were using the colours navy blue and golden earlier ,would want to do bright colours this time.thanks
  • more futuristic,please add more colours bright colours.the name is majestic homes.
  • hi, the name is majestic homes.M AND H should be in capital.more colours please,bright.combination of 2 or 3 colours would do.also the font,i would like to see different fonts.the crown needs to be changed. a different design for the crown,more royal.