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Winning design #533 by moonart, Logo Design for Makol Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

Makol is a company in Costa Rica that distributes medical equipment and supplies to areas such as pathology, radiation therapy, radiology, molecular and genomics, as well as for in vitro fertilization. We have customers throughout Latin America and the company has over 20 years experience in their field. Our main customers are clinics, hospitals and laboratories as well as doctors and residents focused on these areas. We mainly offer quality equipment and technology for the detection and treatment of cancer.

Health technology is characterized by very high rates of innovation. In Makol we  monitor the market and identify the latest technologies. This way we can provide our customers with advice for purchasing medical and hospital equipment of the highest quality. In addition, we take care of the maintenance of the equipment so that our customers can focus on their strengths: to provide patients and their families access to quality health care and confidence.

Makols current logo does not reflect the personality of the company and its core values, plus it does not contain the exact name of the company, so we need to redesign it. The new logo should include the correct name:


Innovación Médica

We prefer a modern style logo, using a flat and clean design, that can be easily adapted to print and digital channels of communication. Please do not use any cliche symbols like snakes, hands or cancer ribbons (images attached). You can try to create an abstract symbol for our logo related to our area of business or just try to create a unique typography for word “Makol” without any additional icon. You can use all uppercase or lowercase as well and please use forest green or moss tones in the color palette, for example: #307E65, #0C5460, #3D9fAE or any other you like.

Thank you for your interest and happy and creative designing!

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  • Hi, thanks for your logo - it looks clean and professional. The only problem is that the symbol you use is not representing very well the business area of Makol. We do not provide an equipment for cardiology (this is the symbol you use in your designs). Makol provides medical equipment and supplies related to areas such as pathology, radiation therapy, radiology, molecular and genomics, as well as for in vitro fertilization. I hope you can google it and find some inspiration :) Thank you and good luck! #451
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