Malja Cosmetics

Captured the essence of our requirements more precisely than any other contestant. Very clean, yet creative and meaningful design. Thrilled with it. Thanks!


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Winning design #16 by DesignArea, Logo Design for Malja Cosmetics Contest
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designed by DesignArea

Project description

PLEASE NOTE: Only apply if you are a native Arabic speaker, ideally with good understanding of Arabic calligraphy!

This is a brand for a line of high-end luxury skincare products that are 100% organic and halal-certified, targeted to sophisticated Muslim customers (mostly women in the 25 - 45 age group). 

The logo must feature BOTH the Arabic word ملجأ as well as the Latin transcription "Malja". The logo must be sophisticated, with a lot of attention to details and with a high-end luxury feel to it. However, it is also of primary importance that the Arabic text is clearly legible and recognizable from a distance. In other words, if the Latin transcription wasn't there, native Arab speakers must still be able to immediately recognize the word. (We've had a couple of logos designed before that have tried to stylize the Arabic script or do something overly clever with it, making it less legible in the process.) 

The logo must be provided in variants that look good on any background (dark or light) and on any media (including for web, print as well as on actual product packaging). 

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