Mallard Creek Counseling

We started a contest to find a logo for our counseling practice. We received well over 100 submissions in about five days, and found one that we feel represents our practice perfectly. Bima3prabowo was very responsive to any requests for changes, and provided us with exactly the design we were looking for.

$300 paid

128 custom designs

32pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #34 by bima3prabowo, Logo Design for Mallard Creek Counseling Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bima3prabowo

Project description

THANK YOU for all of the great ideas that have been submitted so far! We love many of the logos that feature a tree.  We would also like to some ideas incorporating other natural elements, particularly something that would represent the forests of North Carolina, where we are located.  For example, a dogwood flower might be one idea.  Thank you again for the effort you have put into our contest.

Original brief:
We need a logo for our counseling practice that incorporates our business name with nature (a tree, a flower, etc), to convey serenity.  We are looking for two versions of the same logo - a color version to be used on our website and print materials, and a black and white version for signage.

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  • as per your new brief i hope you will like it #125
  • Hello . For any modification contact me
    Thank You #115
  • this design also includes the initials 'MC' as the tree trunk and the circle. #114
  • Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen anything yet with mallards in a creek, and with a name like "Mallard Creek" and a desire for nature, I thought that might be the obvious choice. #88
  • feedback please? #76
  • MANY THANKS for your feedback sir
    I made the changes as you requested
    Please feel free to propose any changes
    I'll be glaf to service you until be satisfied Sir
    Warm regards
  • Could mallard creek share a line and counseling be larger? #43
  • Could the word "counseling" be larger? We like the lines on either side, but we would like the text to be more prominent. #28
  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, please let me know. Sincerely, Christina. Thank you. #29
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Check changes of the text. Thanks. #25
  • Could "counseling" be larger? We like the lines on either side, but we'd like the text to be more visible. #24
  • Please check
    If there is any change of font or color please contact me
    thank you

    regards, #23
  • We like the concept of the person in the tree, but we were wondering if the top of the tree could be bigger/fuller. The way it is now reminds us of a native american headdress, and we'd like to change that connotation. #6
  • please check #17
  • please check #16
  • Please check, thank you .. #7
  • Thank you for enlarging the word "counselor." Can it be condensed to add some of the original line back into the design? #3
  • Not quite. We would like a more full-looking tree. I think we need to remove those leaves and replace them with a more rounded top that looks like leaves rather than a circle. Does that make sense? #3
  • Can the font be changed to something with capital and lower case letters? Perhaps Century Gothic or something similar? #1
  • Is it like this ? Thank you .. #3